Module 5: Teaching with Technology

Selecting Appropriate Technologies:

Enhancing the Learning


Technology can benefit learning in so many ways. Consider the following ways technology might enhance the learning experiences of your own students:

Enhance the Presentation of a Concept

  • Illustrate procedures, equipment, or situations that students may not have the chance to experience firsthand
  • Help students visualize problems they will encounter in industry
  • Help students gain access to a wide range of information

Stimulate Learner Participation

  • Reach students with different learning styles, including visual, auditory, and experiential learners
  • Help students gain experience with a process or skill
  • Build community
  • Encourage students to interact with material
  • Facilitate effective teamwork

Enable Self-Instruction

  • Add depth to points covered in lecture or demonstration
  • Free students from taking notes

Extend Information Access

  • Increase communication among teachers and students
  • Emphasize key points in lab or lecture
  • Clarify lecture, lab, or textbook explanations
  • Improve access to educational resources
  • Provide feedback

Bring the World into the Classroom

  • Enable students to interact with authentic data

Help in Administrative Tasks

  • Free up instructors' time for instruction and relationship development with students by streamlining processes
  • Eliminate the need for extensive photocopying and give students more access to classroom materials by managing information