Module 4: Moving Beyond the Classroom

Learning in the Community:

Uncovering Community Resources


This activity is designed to provide faculty guidelines for uncovering community resources to support student experiences and curriculum planning. Through online and local searches, faculty can identify potential community resources for:

  • Field trips
  • Student internships
  • Service learning projects
  • Other curriculum-related activities

Before beginning this activity, please print the Community Resource Worksheet (an Adobe PDF document, 96k). At a minimum, use this sheet to keep track of contacts and learning goals.

The following pages describe each section of the worksheet and how they can contribute to uncovering community resources.

Desired Course Outcomes

Begin filling in this Community Resources worksheet by listing the desired course outcomes in the appropriate spaces at the top of the page.

Categories of Resources

Then begin to identify resources, first focusing on categories of resources. Categories should include general groups of employers, industries, and organizations. Check off the categories applicable to your course content. Add any others that apply.

Community Resource/Type of Resource

Next, find resources within these categories. Research industry Web sites, phone books, local newspapers, trade directories, union listings, college alumni/ae directories, libraries, etc. Ask colleagues, deans, and department assistants at your community college for ideas and contact information for relationships or resources that already exist within the community. Don't forget current and former employers.