Module 4: Moving Beyond the Classroom

Learning in the Community:

Making Internship Connections


Watch this video to see how an internship in mapping technology helped a student reinforce his understanding of GPS in agricultural settings.

Video: Making Internship Connections (3:01)

Think About

How is this internship well suited to the student and the community? What kind of preparatory work do you think the instructor had to do to make this internship happen?

Now think about internship possibilities in your community.


Which of the learning opportunities described in this section are you most interested in trying out in your course? What are some community resources that might be available to you?

Some technical programs have created on-campus labs that simulate a job situation and give students valuable expertise in solving actual problems, such as computer troubleshooting. Find out if any of your students are eligible for or involved in such activities. They themselves could lead a class site visit.