Module 2: Planning for Outcomes

Developing Learning Outcomes:

Action-Oriented Outcomes


As we defined earlier in this module, course outcomes, or learning objectives, should be observable, measurable, and action-oriented. Whenever possible, they should also build toward and measure higher-thinking skills such as synthesis, analysis, and evaluation. These pages will explore this in depth.

Look at the list of verbs in the Measurable Criteria for Mimimum Level of Success (an Adobe PDF document, 104k) table. This list is intended to help you describe exactly what your students should be able to do upon completion of your course or program.

Which terms are appropriate for your ATE subject area? Place a check beside them. What action-oriented words would you add to the list? Write them in the blank spaces.

In the second column, write statements of measurable criteria beside the words you checked. Here are some examples:

  • Calibrate ... equipment within a range of 10% accuracy
  • Draw ... at least two ... pathways
  • Program ... with a maximum of two errors
  • Obtain ... an industry-standard sampling of ...