Module 2: Planning for Outcomes

Thinking About Outcomes:



One of the biggest changes to occur in contemporary teaching is a shift in planning. Previously, teachers planned their activities, and then thought about what the goals of the course would be. We now know that effective planning starts with the course outcome. That is what the students should be able to do outside the classroom with the information that they have learned. Once the outcome has been determined, the teacher then selects appropriate activities.

When thinking about planning for outcomes, you need to consider:

  • The current demands of industry and any certification standards
  • How you can link your course goals with the larger program goals
  • How you can plan your course based on the intended outcomes
  • How you can create lessons that will lead the students toward the desired outcome

Good planning includes connections among courses, but what's more important is what happens in your course. As you proceed through this module, you will look at each aspect of planning carefully and discover how to effectively plan for outcomes.