Module 1: Creating a Community of Learners

Self-Assessment and Resources:

Summary of Module 1


Teaching in the community college environment requires more than just a thorough knowledge of your subject area. As an instructor of adult learners, you need to create a physical, social, and psychological environment that supports effective learning.

  • You need to get to know your students. Identifying the similarities and discovering the differences among students in your class can contribute to an environment of respect and learning.
  • You need to recognize the diversity represented in the community college classroom.
  • You must work to create an atmosphere that values your students' individual contributions, and addresses the learning needs of each of them.
  • You need to build community within the classroom where the physical environment enhances the learning experiences of students, and individual students are valued for their unique experiences and contributions.
  • Finally, you need to remember that good teaching is about helping all students succeed.