Terry O'Banion Student Technology Award Guidelines

Nominate Eligible Students From Member Colleges: September 1 to October 29, 2021

Please read the information below carefully. Entries for ineligible students and those that are incomplete or do not follow the guidelines will be eliminated from consideration.

[Click here to download a print-friendly version of these instructions.]


Eligible student nominees* must be enrolled at a League for Innovation Board or Alliance member institution at the time of nomination and demonstrate:

  1. Special talent in technology,
  2. Passion about moving toward a career in technology,
  3. Academic excellence, and
  4. Strong financial need.

*Dual enrollment high school and early college students are not eligible.


Community college faculty and staff members are invited to nominate student candidates by returning a nomination form for each nominee. Each League Board and Alliance member institution may submit one nomination for Student Technology Champion and one nomination for Student Developer Champion. In multi-college districts, each college separately accredited by one of the six regional accreditation associations is allowed one nominee for each student award. Singly accredited, multi-campus community colleges are allowed one nominee for each student award.

To access the nomination form,

  • Log in to your League account.**
  • Hover over “My Account” at the top, right of the page and click on “Student Technology Award Nomination Form” in the dropdown menu. (Please note: This option will appear only for those from a League Board or Alliance college.)
  • Download the fillable form.

**In order to access the nomination form, you must be logged in to your League account. If you do not yet have an account, click here to create one.

Nomination Form

The following information will be collected on the nomination form for both Student Technology Champion and Student Developer Champion nominees. (See additional information needed for Student Developer Champion nominees ONLY.)

  • Nominator and student contact information
  • Technology-related courses taken by the student
  • Award category: Student Technology Champion or Student Developer Champion
  • Career path the student intends to pursue
  • Examples of how the student demonstrates a passion for and determination to pursue a career in technology
  • Technological skills the student possesses that make him/her/them an award candidate
  • How the student demonstrates the qualities of a Student Technology Champion or Student Developer Champion (e.g., critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, dedication, leadership, ability to overcome adversity)
  • Examples of the student’s sense of collegiality and teamwork
  • How an award would impact the student’s education from a financial perspective
  • Other challenges that have affected the student’s pursuit of his/her/their academic goals
  • Academic distinctions (e.g., dean’s list, president’s list, academic scholarships, PTK) the student has attained

In addition, the following information will be collected on the nomination form for Student Developer Champions ONLY.

  • Programming languages and/or software development and programming tools in which the student is proficient
  • How many software development and/or computer programming certificates the student has earned, and which ones (list up to 5)
  • Student’s aptitude for analyzing problems and creating effective solutions using programming languages


  • Confirm that the downloaded nomination form is completely filled out, signed, and dated.
  • Confirm that you have indicated for which award (Student Technology Champion or Student Developer Champion) the student is being nominated.
  • Email the nomination form to dooling@league.org no later than October 29, 2021, subject line “Student Technology Awards.”


Winners will be determined via a review of eligible nomination forms by a selection committee. An award notification email will be sent to the faculty or staff member who nominated each winner.


Each award winner will receive a plaque and a check for $1,000 to be used toward their educational expenses (e.g., tuition, fees). The awards will be mailed to nominating faculty/staff for distribution and announced at the 2022 Innovations Conference.

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