League and Beyond Academics Collaborate to Help Colleges Prepare for the New Normal


As community colleges wrestle with decisions around the short-term and long-term impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and what many are calling the “new normal,” the League for Innovation in the Community College is doing its part. A new collaboration with Beyond Academics is already providing opportunities for college leaders at all levels to join conversations about new issues that have arisen.

“Every part of the community college environment has been challenged to reinvent some level of how it will operate this fall and beyond. Some of those changes can be handled by the very capable people on campus. However, there are some existentially critical strategic decisions that are going to require collaboration with other colleges and even some outside help,” says League President & CEO Rufus Glasper. “In keeping with the League’s mission to cultivate innovation in the community college, we are bringing some of the best and brightest minds to serve our members via this partnership.”

During the exploratory phase, the League and Beyond Academics have hosted webinars and town halls on topics including enrollment, innovation leadership, and the future of work. The next round of programming will include Virtual Learning Summits and subsidized* cohort-based consulting. 

“Our immediate focus will be to help prepare colleges this summer for what is to come this fall and beyond,” said Matthew Alex of Beyond Academics. “However, our more strategic effort will involve supporting schools in four key areas, which are Future of Work, the Next-Generation Community College, Sustainability & Scalability in the New Normal, and Fueling an Innovation Culture on Campus.”

Beyond Academics will also be offering its C-Suite WhiteBoard Strategy Sessions at no fee* during June and July to help college leadership teams ideate, problem solve, and innovate much-needed solutions. 

*To qualify for the complimentary and subsidized fee programs that are part of this collaborative effort, community colleges simply need to be a member of the League for Innovation in the Community College.

Beyond Academics is a higher education think tank and innovation incubator. The firm is focused on research and development of approaches, methodologies, and technologies that are sustainable, customer-focused, and transformational for its clients in higher education. Through a combination of C-suite advisory services, disruptive technologies, and innovative consulting as a service (CaaS) offering, Beyond Academics looks to play a catalytic role in helping clients achieve transformational results.