Innovative Thinking in Community Colleges at the League’s Learning Summit—Houston


Community college faculty, administrators, and staff will take a deep dive into the process of innovative thinking at the League for Innovation’s Learning Summit in Houston, October 12-13, 2018. Recognized experts in innovation from EdgeMakers will lead participants through an integrated practice-based and purpose-driven curriculum that teaches the how-to of innovation.

College teams will explore ways to build a culture of innovation, start the mind-shift, and inspire faculty, staff, administrators, and students to become more innovative themselves. This highly interactive professional development experience engages participants directly with proven curriculum in an activity-based workshop. Get a crash course in the innovative process as you and your colleagues explore the 5 Themes of Innovative Thinking.

The Learning Summit is a working retreat for college teams to focus on improving and expanding learning at their institutions, and to accelerate progress on these efforts. Although the Learning Summit is designed for college team participation, individuals who are not part of a team are welcome and will have opportunities to meet with participants from other institutions.

Houston Community College will host this event at the West Houston Institute, Texas.

Visit the Learning Summit—Houston website to learn more about this innovative and through-provoking professional development experience.