Helping Faculty Learn to Stop Worrying and Embrace Technology


In an op-ed titled “Helping Faculty Learn to Stop Worrying and Embrace Technology” in Fierce Education, author Rufus Glasper, President and CEO, League for Innovation in the Community College, asserts that, while many college faculty voice concerns about the influx of technology in the classroom, particularly against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shifts in instructional delivery, now is the time to embrace an overhaul to “traditional” ways of teaching. “Instead of worrying about technology’s impact on the classroom,” he asks, “can we use technology as a catalyst to reimagine what instruction should look like altogether? Instead of fearing what we might lose due to technology, can we also consider the opportunities we are giving up by doing everything manually?” Adopting technology to support the faculty role leaves more time for real-time, substantive feedback as well as deeper, more meaningful connections with students. Finally, Glasper reminds us that “our goal isn’t to maintain the status quo. It’s to explore how we can make tomorrow’s college classroom more effective, inclusive, and student-centered than today’s.”

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