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Learning Initiative

Community colleges around the world are leading the Learning Revolution in higher education. In their efforts to become more learning-centered institutions they are changing the traditional architecture of education and transforming the community college for the twenty-first century.

In response to this rapidly-expanding revolution, the League for Innovation in the Community College has created the Learning Initiative to assist community colleges in developing practices, programs, and policies that will place learning at the heart of the education enterprise. Initial grants from League partners Microsoft, Compaq, TechnoMarketing, Educational Testing Service, and PeopleSoft provide funds for the following activities:

Publication in September of Developing Professional Fitness, the first "Cross Paper" by Senior League Fellow K. Patricia Cross with support from Educational Testing Service. 
Publication in October of a monograph on The Learning Revolution: A Guide for Community Colleges with support from PeopleSoft.
Creation of "The Technology and Learning Community" (TLC), an interactive online forum exploring the use of information technology in the community college sponsored by Microsoft, Compaq, and TechnoMarketing.
Presentation on January 29, 1998, of an interactive video conference on "The Learning Revolution" produced by the Dallas County Community College District featuring Sinclair Community College and Maricopa Community Colleges. The videoconference was sponsored by PBS Adult Learning Service and the League for Innovation in cooperation with the American Council on Education and the American Association of Community Colleges.  
Publication beginning in January 1998 of a series of monthly articles on "The Learning Revolution" in Community College Week to be featured on a monthly Internet Bulletin Board sponsored by PBS Adult Learning Service. Sponsorship of a new national conference Innovations 1998 to premiere in Dallas, June 28-July 1, 1998, featuring special sessions on the Learning Revolution including a live satellite National Town Meeting on the Learning College featuring League President Terry O'Banion and hosted by John Merrow. 

In addition to these initial activities, the League plans to publish other  monographs and studies on various aspects of the Learning Revolution and is exploring funding for a major project to work with a small group of community colleges to assist them in becoming more learning-centered institutions. The Learning Initiative is expected to achieve the same international status that has already been achieved by the League’s Leadership Initiative, Information Technology Initiative, and Workforce Initiative.