Technical Assistant, Engineering Technologies

Job Term:

Job Description:
Summary and Purpose of Position:

To provide proactive, timely, polite and trustworthy technical assistance to Engineering Technologies (ENT) staff as required to set-up and maintain offices, classrooms, labs and program equipment in good working order. The position serves approximately 290 full- and part-time students, 5 full-time faculty, and 18-20 adjunct faculty.

Primary Functions:

Supports ENT programs: Applied Integrated Technology, Construction Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Technology and Optical Systems Technology and the classrooms and the 14 labs used to conduct the programs
Contributes to development of the ENT equipment budget
Identifies and locates equipment, parts and materials for purchasing by the department
Organizes and maintains ENT inventories, including hazardous materials
Installs, maintains, and repairs classroom and program equipment, and trains faculty on use of equipment including mechatronic and robotic equipment, electronic equipment, concrete testing equipment, metrology equipment, 3D printing equipment, and precision optical and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment
Sets up labs for classes before each semester and during each semester as requested by faculty; assists with lab experiment development as required
Secondary Functions:

Performs additional duties as assigned by the department chair

MCC Expectations:

Responsible for adhering to the College Code of Conduct
Responsible for contributing to and maintaining an inclusive and collaborative College environment
Responsible for maintaining technological competencies utilized by the College
Commitment to the philosophy of a comprehensive community college
Commitment to professional growth

Required Qualifications:

Earned A.A.S. degree in an Engineering Technology Field (e.g., Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics) from a regionally accredited higher education institution
Experience sourcing, pricing, installing, and repairing electrical, mechanical and construction lab devices and tools, and classroom equipment and fixtures
Proficient in Microsoft Office products (e.g., Outlook, Word, Excel) and use of institutional networks
Strong organization skills - able to maintain orderly print and electronic files and physical inventories
Well-developed problem solving and troubleshooting skills as required for installation and maintenance of department technology
Excellent interpersonal skills - able to partner and work effectively with ENT and MCC personnel, including the shared ENT/Information and Computer Technologies (ICT) Technical Assistant, to identify problems and solutions and accomplish tasks; and, able to hire, schedule and supervise student aides
Self-starter, able to plan, schedule, and perform work independently after consulting with the Department Chair and the shared ENT/ICT Technical Assistant on scope and timing of deliverables

Preferred Qualifications:

Strong electrical equipment troubleshooting and repair skills
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment repair skills
Construction lab equipment repair skills
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) skills
Classroom technology repair skills

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