Nursing Learning Center Coordinator

Job Term:

Function of NLC Coordinator Position:

The Nursing Learning Center (NLC) includes a complex of classrooms, laboratories, offices, and the Media Center. Teaching faculty use these facilities to deliver the nursing curriculum content to students using a variety of methods. The Media Center houses the computer lab along with a variety of software programs and a media collection. Classrooms are equipped with educational technology such as computers, smartboards, white boards, LCD projectors, and media players. Clinical equipment such as IV pumps, medication dispensing systems, patient simulators, headwalls and supplies, used to provide patient care, is utilized in the laboratories and classrooms.

The Coordinator provides support to the faculty in order to facilitate their delivery of the curriculum. The Coordinator is responsible for day-to-day operation of the NLC complex within the Department of Nursing and for participation in long range planning that affects the NLC The Coordinator works closely and collaboratively with all faculty and staff members, as well as other departments and agencies, to facilitate delivery of the nursing curriculum in a manner that maximizes student success. The Coordinator reports to the Chairperson of the Department of Nursing.

Primary Functions:

Develops & maintains knowledge of current program curriculum and familiarity with course resources.
Coordinates activities and resources and implements strategies to support the curriculum and operation of the NLC. This includes scheduling of rooms, coordinating equipment use and staff support within the NLC.
Works collaboratively with Technical Assistant (T.A.) to ensure appropriate inventory of supplies and preparation for laboratory/conference set up. Assists T.A. with set ups when needed and ensures set ups/take downs in absence of T.A.
Collaborates with faculty in order to meet day-to-day needs and for long-range planning.
Serves as the expert in operation, maintenance and basic trouble shooting of technology and instructional equipment
Acts as a liaison to other departments and agencies, including outside vendors.
Collaborates with faculty and staff to prepare and implement clinical simulations and instructional programs. Serves as the expert in operation of patient simulation system to support faculty in delivery of content.
Collaborates with faculty to order and maintain equipment, supplies, and media inventory. Coordinates purchasing process for these items.
Coordinates department-wide technologies such as HESI, ExamSoft, and Evolve in collaboration with faculty.

Secondary Functions:

Assists the Department Chairperson in the implementation and monitoring of the budget.
Assists faculty in obtaining instructional materials required for teaching in various environments.
Collaborates with faculty and staff to devise policy and procedure
Ensures compliance with legal aspects of operation of NLC.
Promotes and participates in creating an atmosphere of service to faculty, staff and students.
Offers technical assistance to faculty and students in the use of NLC equipment.
Plans and implements orientation of faculty and students to the NLC.
Participates in grant writing projects.
Participates in preparation of reports to the New York State Education Department and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).
Performs other duties and responsibilities assigned by the department chair