Director, Disability Support Programs & Services

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Monday, February 3, 2020
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
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Under the general supervision of the Vice Chancellor of Student Services, manage and coordinate a variety of broad district wide programs and instructional services to provide quality educational opportunities for students with disabilities; assure proper district wide implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of assigned programs and services; train, supervise, and evaluate the performance of assigned staff.

Major Responsibilities
Manage, coordinate, and provide district wide leadership for a variety of district wide programs and instructional services to provide, enhance, and facilitate learning opportunities for all students with disabilities, ensuring provision of academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services.
Coordinate development of District policies and procedures regarding programs and instructional services for students with disabilities; research and analyze issues and interpret State and federal regulations and legislation impacting assigned programs and districtwide functions.
Communicate with District and college administrators, faculty, government agencies, and others to resolve issues, interpret and explain policies, provide technical expertise, and exchange information.
Develop and administer the program capital outlay and operating budgets for districtwide assigned programs and activities; monitor and control expenditures; establish audit procedures and prepare required financial records and reports for colleges and continuing education.
Provide leadership for special grant programs and monitor program outcomes and budgets to meet evolving trends in services for persons with disabilities.
Provide leadership for the Interpreting Services districtwide program.
Evaluate and recommend programs, standards, policies, and procedures within the parameters of State and federal laws to meet the District’s goals for assigned programs and services.
Coordinate the planning, organization, and delivery of programs and instructional services to students with disabilities; implement, monitor, and evaluate these instructional programs and instructional services throughout the District.
Perform research, develop new programs, and provide recommendations to college personnel and instructional offices; including pursuit of grants to meet evolving trends in services to persons with disabilities.
Coordinate programs and instructional services for persons with disabilities with community college sites, four-year institutions, government agencies, and community resources organizations.
Plan, organize, develop, and administer the DSPS action plan for the District; conduct research and prepare reports and recommendations; participate in long- and short-range planning.
Plan, organize, and conduct meetings, seminars, and training programs relating to programs and instructional services for students with disabilities.
Coordinate with businesses to ascertain trends of employment for students with disabilities and various skill levels.
Assure preparation and maintenance of records, reports, and documentation as required by the Board, the District, the State Chancellor’s Office, regulatory agencies, and other councils and committees for colleges and continuing education.
Train, supervise, and evaluate the performance of assigned personnel; plan, assign, and review work; make recommendations regarding the selection, discipline, counseling, and termination of assigned staff.
Analyze programs and instructional services for students with disabilities; develop educational opportunities and assure compliance with a variety of regulations, requirements, and laws set by the State and federal governments.
Perform related duties as assigned.

Training and Experience:
Any combination of training and experience equivalent to: a Master’s degree from an accredited institution in special education, public administration, or related field and three years of increasingly responsible experience for students/persons with disabilities in one or more of the following fields: (1) instruction and/or counseling in higher education programs; (2) administration/coordination of programs in an institution of higher education; (3) teaching, counseling, or administration in secondary education programs; or (4) administrative or supervisory experience in industry, government, public agencies, the military, or private social welfare organizations in which the responsibilities of the position were predominantly related to persons with disabilities.
The following are required for academic/educational administrator assignments:
Master’s degree (doctorate preferred) from a regionally accredited institution, AND
One (1) year of formal training, internship, or leadership experience reasonably related to the administrator’s assignment.
Possession of a lifetime California Community College Chief Administrative Officer Credential, AND
Two (2) years of recent management experience in an institution of higher education.

Desired Qualifications
Broad knowledge of District operations, organization, policies, and objectives.
Budget preparation and control.
Changing technologies affecting programs and instructional services for students with disabilities.
Interpersonal skills including tact, patience, and courtesy.
Oral and written communication skills.
Organization and development of a DSPS action plan for a multi-college district.
Programs and instructional services for students with disabilities at a community college district
Principles and techniques used in the analysis and evaluation of programs and instructional services.
Principles of management, supervision, and training.
State and Federal laws, codes, and regulations affecting instructional services for students with disabilities.

Skills and Abilities:
Assure compliance with State and federal requirements, codes, and laws related to programs and instructional services for the disabled.
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with others.
Implement, evaluate, and monitor programs and instructional services for students with disabilities.
Maintain records and prepare reports.
Manage, coordinate, and provide leadership in evaluating, monitoring, and maintaining programs and instructional services to all college and continuing education students with disabilities.
Meet schedules and timelines.
Plan, organize develop the district wide DSPS action plan.
Plan, organize, and coordinate personnel and financial resources.
Research, analyze, develop, and interpret policies and procedures impacting assigned areas of responsibility.
Train, plan, organize, and supervise the work of other personnel.
Work independently with little direction.

Commitment to Diversity:
All applicants must have demonstrated cultural competency and sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, faculty and classified professionals.

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Human Resources - Employment Office
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