Chief Human Resources Officer

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Monday, August 1, 2022
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Friday, September 30, 2022
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PRIMARY LOCATION: Fall River; this position may be eligible for a hybrid telework schedule in line with the college's telework policy.

REPORTS TO: President of Bristol Community College

POSITIONS SUPERVISED: Human Resources department staff members, student workers and volunteers

STATEMENT OF DUTIES: The Chief Human Resources Officer serves on the President's Leadership Team, and provides direction and strategic leadership to help the college best serve our students and community. This senior leader is responsible for enhancing organizational effectiveness and developing and improving systems, policies and procedures that increase employee engagement, satisfaction and institutional success. The Chief Human Resources Officer, among other factors, fosters an equitable and inclusive workplace culture and establishes collaboration, mutual respect among union and administration, shared governance, innovation and accountability, while ensuring that Bristol Community College is a great place for students to learn and employees to work.

The Chief Human Resources Officer has overall leadership and supervisory responsibility for leading, planning and managing the college's human resources functions in accordance with the policies, procedures, and practices of the college and in compliance with all applicable laws and labor contracts. Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to; talent acquisition and management, succession planning, employee and labor relations, benefits and wellness, compensation, performance and organizational management, employee training and development, human resources information systems, and evaluation of the human resources operation and needs.

The work of the Chief Human Resources Officer is informed by Bristol's Equity Statement: Bristol Community College strives to promote equity by removing social and structural barriers through social justice advocacy, support services, and inclusive, affirming, and accessible education and employment. We respect all cultural backgrounds, social identities, and learning abilities and promote the positive self-efficacy of each college community member. Bristol provides opportunities for dialogue, engagement, and growth by creating a welcoming and respectful environment to work and learn. Additionally, we provide a framework for promoting access and equity for all by challenging and empowering each member of our community to become an agent of transformative change by denouncing racism, hate, violence, and all forms of discrimination.

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