Assistant Director, Curriculum and Assessment, Academic Services

Job Closed: 
Monday, February 18, 2019

Function of Position:

The Assistant Director, Curriculum and Assessment reports to the Associate Vice President, Curriculum and Program Development, and is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of assessment systems that measure and facilitate excellent academic performance, as well as for assisting faculty in the design and development of courses and programs by using a learning-centered approach to assessment.

Examples of Duties & Responsibilities:
•Assumes primary responsibility for assisting faculty in the assessment of student learning and program effectiveness
•Supports the Associate Vice President, Curriculum and Program Development, in the academic activities related to curriculum development
•Oversees the assessment process by supporting faculty in the identification and evaluation of critical academic outcomes, while developing suitable measurement tools, and assisting academic areas in the planning and execution of unit assessment
•Works closely and collaboratively with faculty and staff to provide training and other avenues of understanding that facilitate college-wide ownership of, and participation in, academic and administrative unit assessment
•Develops and maintains protocols for academic program and course development, assessment and evaluation
•Provides support and acts as a resource for program evaluation and assessment work in progress, for new course development and course revision, and for program creation and modification
•Manages and maintains the curriculum database, assisting the Associate Vice President in continuing to maintain its integrity and fluid communication with College systems
•Works with Institutional Research to identify methods of measurement for assessment of operation pertaining to assessment, evaluation and curriculum effectiveness
•In collaboration with the Associate Vice President and the Teaching and Creativity Center, designs and delivers training and professional development programs for faculty pertaining to assessment of student learning and evaluation of academic program effectiveness and viability
•Supports and assists with design and delivery of instructional content for administrative unit assessment
•Serves on function-relevant committees as appropriate
•Interprets SUNY and Middle States guidelines and requirements pertaining to academic assessment and program review
•Works to ensure that all constituents understand the broader implications of program creation, evaluation, and academic assessment and the relationship of these elements to student learning and institutional effectiveness
•Facilitates communications among SUNY, NYSED, the Associate Vice President and the College community
•Heeds and adheres to College curriculum, assessment and evaluation calendars
•Performs other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Associate Vice President

MCC Expectations:
•Leads, supervises, coordinates, and evaluates any direct reports, departments and programs - adhering to appropriate college procedures
•Responsible for adhering to the College Code of Conduct
•Responsible for contributing to and maintaining an inclusive and collaborative College environment
•Responsible for maintaining technological competencies utilized by the College
•Commitment to the philosophy of a comprehensive community college
•Works effectively within SUNY as part of a state system
•Commitment to professional growth

Required Qualifications:
•Earned master's degree in an academic discipline or relevant administrative area (e.g., higher education administration) from a regionally accredited higher education institution
•Experience in academic assessment, program evaluation, and curriculum review
•Evidence of effective communication (interpersonal, speaking, writing) skills
•Proficiency in technology

Preferred Qualifications:
•Familiarity with one or more online course management systems
•One year full-time (or part-time equivalent) undergraduate teaching experience
•Two years relevant professional experience
•Demonstrated leadership roles in college-wide committee work, assessment, program review or curriculum development

Additional Information:

Closing Date: February 18, 2019
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