Adjunct Faculty, Sociology

Job Closed: 
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Function of Position

Adjunct faculty prepare and teach courses in the department, develop new educational materials, and assist with the assessment of student learning, as appropriate. Classes may be assigned at the Brighton and/or Downtown Campus (or other sites, as appropriate). Adjunct faculty report to the chairperson of the Anthropology, History and Political Science Department. The successful candidate will bring a passion for teaching and a desire to support and mentor MCC students as they pursue educational and career goals.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities
•Demonstrates and maintains current subject knowledge
•Teaches courses and evaluates student performance in Sociology as per guidelines set by the department and Monroe Community College
•Teaches course(s)/section(s) each term, as outlined by the contract and as available
•Prepares lesson plans and creates instructional materials and activities for student engagement
•Prepares Course Information Sheet/Syllabus/Outlines in accordance with department and College guidelines
•Establishes and maintains an engaging and supportive classroom environment
•Maintains student attendance records, grades, and other records according with department and College guidelines and submits them in a timely manner
•Assists department with student retention and completion initiatives including early alert
•Develops innovative teaching pedagogy to facilitate learning
•Incorporates high impact teaching practices into course design, as appropriate
•Actively engages in pedagogical and academic discipline professional development and assessment activities
•Demonstrates excellent time management skills, and the ability to prioritize workflow and multi-task
•Develops and teaches online courses
•Performs other duties and responsibilities assigned by the department chair, as appropriate

MCC Expectations
•Responsible for adhering to the College Code of Conduct
•Responsible for contributing to and maintaining an inclusive and collaborative College environment
•Responsible for maintaining technological competencies utilized by the College
•Commitment to the philosophy of a comprehensive community college
•Commitment to professional growth


Required Qualifications
•Earned master's degree in Sociology or equivalent from a regionally accredited higher education institution
•Completion of at least nine graduate credit hours in Sociology
•Ability to teach courses within the department
•Evidence of effective communication (interpersonal, speaking, and writing) skills
•Commitment to supporting an inclusive environment on campus
•Evidence of respect for and understanding of people with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and needs
•Evidence of commitment to the philosophy of a comprehensive community college
•Evidence of proficiency with technology
•Commitment to continued professional growth
•Experience and/or interest in developing and teaching online courses

Preferred Qualifications
•Teaching experience
•Knowledge of, or experience in, implementing a variety of teaching strategies
•Awareness of the potential value of technology as a tool for teaching
•Experience with computerized student record management

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