2021 Innovations Conference - Wednesday Keynote - Ken Steele


Speaker: Ken Steele

Description: Wednesday Keynote

RESET: An Opportunity to Rise Above

Without question, the coronavirus pandemic has taken a catastrophic toll on the economy, on frontline workers, on the health and lives of millions, and on the education and optimism of a whole generation of students. But this global crisis has also imposed a reset on many unquestioned assumptions, revealed character in the face of hardship, and encouraged a newfound sense of compassion and patience with ourselves and each other. Colleges have adopted more flexible academic policies and procedures; redoubled efforts at successful student coaching, bridging, and onboarding programs; and extended service hours and channels to accommodate students in widely different circumstances and time zones. Across the academy, instructors and faculty have explored new pedagogies, technologies, and resources—and found a greater appreciation for the expertise of curriculum designers and learning engineers, as well as the challenges of their learners, embarking on a steep learning curve together. This year of shared anxiety, disruption, and loss may well have inspired a generation of college leaders, staff, and faculty to regard each other and our students with greater compassion and empathy than ever before; to rise above petty concerns; and to recognize each other as more complete, and incomplete, humans.