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League Occasional Papers

bullet image The Role of Community Colleges in Regional Economic Prosperity
Anne M. Kress and Gerardo E. de los Santos, Editors
April 2014

bullet image Disruptive Innovation and the Community College
Rufus Glasper and Gerardo E. de los Santos, Editors
March 2013

bullet image Taking Student Success Seriously in the College Classroom
Vincent Tinto
February 2011

bullet image Serving Displaced Workers: Lessons Learned and Recommendations to Other Colleges
Nick Gennett, Terri Manning, Jeanie Moore, and Cheryl Roberts
August 2009

bullet image Portrait of Information Technology Leaders in Higher Education: 2008 Study of the Higher Education Chief Information Officer Roles and Effectiveness
Wayne A. Brown
April 2008

bullet image Online Education in Community Colleges: Conversations With the Field
Robert Threlkeld
October 2006

bullet image Web-Mediated Faculty Professional Development:
Improving Learning, Building Community, and Assessing Outcomes

Robert W. Fulton, Paula E. Noonan, and James M. Dorris
October 2004
bullet image An Assessment Framework
For the Community College - Measuring Student Learning and Achievement as a Means of Demonstrating Institutional Effectiveness

Facilitated by League for Innovation and Questionmark
August 2004
bullet image On the Road to DotCalm in Education
Mark David Milliron
May 2003
bullet image Engaging Today’s Conversations on Learning and Technology: Issues In Our Face and On the Horizon
Mark David Milliron,Steven Lee Johnson
September 2002
bullet image The Illusion of e-Learning: Why We Are Missing Out on the Promise of Technology
Frank L. Greenagel, Ph.D.
August 2002