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Certiport Programs Help Bridge the Digital Divide
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Membership Spotlight: Year in Review

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2005 Conference on Information Technology


2005 CIT logo 


October 23-26, 2005
Wyndham Anatole Hotel
Dallas, Texas

Preregistration ends Friday, October 21. After that date, increased onsite registration fees go into effect!

Of special note:

For additional assistance or information, please visit www.league.org/2005cit/ or email Ed Leach or call (480) 705-8200, x233.

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LCTCS Response to Colleges

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your very kind words of encouragement as our System and colleges work to recover following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We have received many generous offers to assist our students and our colleges. The offers of out-of-state fee waivers, tuition waivers, online course offerings, free lodging, and book and supply assistance have made a major difference for many of our students as they struggle to rebuild their lives in Louisiana and other parts of the country. For all of those offers, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your kindness.

Many of you contacted the Louisiana Community and Technical College System Office (LCTCS) immediately following Hurricane Katrina to offer assistance, but our System had not yet had time to catalog the needs of those colleges affected. Over the ensuing weeks following the storm, we have spent considerable time to prudently do so, and are providing you with a list of our most urgent needs, should you or your college be in a position to provide assistance in these areas. For those of you who have already made charitable contributions, please know that we are truly grateful for your many acts of compassion.

Students enrolled in Louisiana's community and technical colleges are not unlike students enrolled in other two-year colleges across the country. Our students are predominately commuters, working parttime or full-time jobs, and many are parents. Due to the demographics of our students it is almost impossible to transplant them from their communities and our state, to other states to take advantage of the generous educational offers of tuition waiver assistance provided. However, we have made this information available to our students through our website, so that they are able to take advantage of those educational opportunities if they evacuated and are living in your communities.

We have also received offers from colleges to send members of their staffs to assist our colleges in need of reestablishing infrastructure, technology, creating curriculum, and with college clean-up, etc. To date, there are no hotel rooms available within 100 miles of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is the headquarters for our System office and also serves as a temporary home for Delgado and Nunez Community Colleges, and the five campuses of the Louisiana Technical College Greater New Orleans region that were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. In addition, our staff members who might have been in a position to house visitors are unable to do so because they are hosting family members and other citizens who have evacuated from the affected areas for an uncertain period of time.

Many of our campus facilities experienced flooding as a result of Hurricane Katrina. This flooding has damaged equipment and furniture. We have received kind offers of assistance to supply furniture. However, it will literally be months before we will be able to occupy the permanent facilities. Hence, we have no place to store furniture at the College sites. Because rental space is going at a premium, we would probably not have the ability to store this furniture in a remote location either. Again, thank you for your generosity during our time of need. Your support has truly sustained us as we face many fiscal and physical challenges. We are encouraged by the support that we have received from the national family of community and technical colleges. We want all of you to know that our people are resilient. Although the rebuilding process will be lengthy, and at times arduous, we stand ready to meet these opportunities to improve the quality of life of our citizens.

Our staff has been aggressively seeking federal relief to assist our colleges during this very difficult time. The LCTCS has been in active discussions with the American Association of Community Colleges. Dr. Boggs and his staff have provided exceptional leadership as we seek resources to assist our students with obtaining funding for books, supplies, and other personal needs not covered by insurance. On behalf of Louisiana higher education, the Board of Regents has worked with the United States Department of Education to seek relief for our students from financial aid policies. We have also been in active discussions with the US Department of Education seeking assistance with retaining our skilled faculty, adult literacy and education funding, resources for specialized equipment to relocated programs such as nursing, and data management challenges among other things. The LCTCS has also been engaged in discussions with the United States Department of Labor regarding the reestablishment of nursing programs, construction trades apprenticeship opportunities, and training opportunities that will result as the State embarks upon the rebuilding process. Our package of requests total in excess of $100 million dollars.

We understand the perception of Louisiana that many citizens in this country have regarding a government and political landscape rife with corruption and wrong-doing. However, I communicate to you that this is not the Louisiana I know. Our staff took the time to do a thorough assessment of our needs so that we could put forth a credible and cost-effective request for funding. We understand that the planning process must be focused and intellectually honest, and we have remained transparent and will continue to do so as we seek federal and state relief for our current situation.

The list below reflects the most focused needs communicated by our colleges:

  • Financial Support for Students
    • Donations to the LCTCS relief fund will provide assistance to affected students. Funds may be used for tuition and fees, childcare, transportation, materials and supplies, books, housing, food, or disaster-related burial, medical, or counseling expenses not covered by insurance. One-hundred percent of contributions will be issued to students displaced from LCTCS colleges.
  • Office Equipment and Supply Needs
    • Copy machines
    • Fax machines
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • Laptop computers
    • Postage stamp meters
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Paper products
    • Power washers
    • Industrial vacuums
  • Curriculum Development
    • Sanitation
    • Homeland Security and Public Safety Officer Training
    • Insurance and Claims Agents

If you are interested in donating funds to assist our students in purchasing services that they need to sustain themselves, you should do the following:  To make your tax deductible contribution to the LCTCS Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Relief Fund, make checks payable to BRCC Foundation (for LCTCS President's Fund).
The memo/for line should include the phrase Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Send checks to:
Attn: Dr. Angel Royal
265 S. Foster Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

If you are interested in adopting a college or in making contributions toward supplies, equipment, or curriculum, I have provided the contact information for the Chancellors of the institutions impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Please feel free to contact them directly to work with their staffs as needs at each of the colleges are different.

Dr. Margaret Montgomery-Richard, Chancellor
Louisiana Technical College
Student Enrollment of LTC District 1: 1,745
(225) 219-9532

Dr. Alex Johnson, Chancellor
Delgado Community College
Student Enrollment: 17,398
(225) 216-8333
(225) 216-8336
(225) 218-8337

Dr. Thomas Warner, Chancellor
Nunez Community College
Student Enrollment: 2,171
(225) 216-8342
(225) 216-8335
(225) 216-8344

Mr. Stanley Leger, Chancellor
SOWELA Technical Community College
Student Enrollment: 1,822
(337) 491-2668

Lastly, we anticipate having hotel availability in November. At that time, my plan is to convene three think tank meetings to help us in strategically looking at three areas to help our System in its long-term efforts to rebuild the System and help us restore South Louisiana to its vibrant status pre-Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The areas we plan to focus on are (1) instructional and training programs in construction trades technology; (2) alternative strategies and methods for instructional delivery; and (3) federal, corporate, and foundation grant requests. If you have members of your staff who have been nationally recognized in these areas and you believe they could contribute to this worthwhile discussion, please nominate them. In your nomination, please provide the individual's name, contact information, and his/her professional background, including awards.

Walter G. Bumphus, Ph.D.
President, LCTCS

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Clearly Quotable

Quotes"A consequence of our highly competitive, rapidly growing economy is that the average American will hold many different jobs in a lifetime. Accordingly, education is no longer the sole province of the young. Significant numbers of workers continue their education well beyond their twenties. Millions enroll in community colleges in later life, for example, to upgrade their skills or get new ones. It is a measure of the dynamism of the U.S. economy that community colleges are one of the fastest growing segments of our educational system."

Remarks by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan
Economic flexibility
Before the National Italian American Foundation, Washington, D.C.
October 12, 2005


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Technology Trends Assessments in Education

IT Workforce Trends

  • Health services; business services; social services; and engineering, management, and related services will be the major contributors of additional jobs in the next decade at the national and state level.
  • Even though information technology jobs are not seeing the strong growth they experienced in the 1990s, IT jobs are still in demand.
  • There is an increasing need for IT workers in technology-enabled organizations such as healthcare; local, state, and federal government; insurance; banking; finance; and e-commerce. These industries will experience significant growth in the employment of IT-trained professionals.
  • Employers are requiring significantly higher levels of IT skills and knowledge, higher educational degrees, and a higher level of industry experience than they used to require a few years ago due to current outsourcing trends. IT jobs that required only a two-year degree now require a minimum of a four-year degree.
  • IT literacy and expected IT skill levels are increasing in non-IT jobs, squeezing out of the market IT-trained workers with only entry-level and basic IT skills.
  • The emphasis on collaborative work will continue to increase and the trend to telework -- as delivered through virtual workplaces -- will intensify.

Implications for Education

Education is essential for getting high-paying jobs. In fact, for all but 1 of the 50 highest paying occupations, a college degree or higher is the most significant source of education or training. For 10 of the 20 fastest growing occupations, a bachelor's or associate degree is the most significant source of education or training: network systems and data communications analysts, physician assistants, medical records and health information technicians, computer software engineers, applications, computer software engineers, systems software, physical therapist assistants, database administrators, veterinary technologists and technicians, dental hygienists, and computer systems analysts.

Program/Curriculum Considerations and Recommendations

In response to the workforce trends mentioned above, the presenter shares considerations and recommendations for IT degree and certificate programs in community colleges, including barriers for community colleges to offering advanced programs, designing and implementing a strong marketing campaign and effective partnerships with businesses and other training institutions, and the need for a strong prior learning assessment program for IT professionals who do not have an IT degree but who have acquired their IT knowledge and skills through nontraditional educational channels.

To find out more, email Ed Leach or call (480) 705-8200, x233.

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Inside the League

Experience iStream for Yourself

Experience the new generation of iStream
A powerful web-based resource and professional development tool for
your learning community

iStreamiStream, the League's subscription service for the outstanding resources, professional development, and connections in the community college world, will be featured in two informative and engaging session at the 2005 Conference on Information Technology in Dallas, Texas. Join us to learn about the new look and new features brought to subscribing colleges through the iStream User Portal. 

iStream Forum
iStream: Innovation at Your Fingertips
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM Monday, October 24, 2005

The League has partnered with Unicon Inc. using the Academus Portal to redesign the iStream user experience and bring community colleges a powerful web-based resource and professional development tool. This next-generation iStream offers streaming video and audio from League conferences; League articles and publications; League surveys, chats, discussion forums, and announcements; League Partner Connections; and the LENs faculty development program in an easy-to-use interface. Come see a demonstration and get the feel of the future of the iStream experience.

iStream Hands-On Lab
The iStream Experience Powered by Unicon Academus
1:15 PM to 2:15 PM Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Accessing current innovations from community colleges can be a first step to advancing your initiatives. Find out how iStream can make this a reality for your institution through a collaborative portal specifically designed for higher education. Come see how the League for Innovation applies Unicon's Academus Portal to deliver best practices, conference keynotes presentations, League publications, and relevant discussions to the community college market. Session participants receive a free 30-day trial subscription to iStream.

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Innovations 2006 Registration Coming Soon

Be a part of Innovations 2006, March 19-22, 2006, at the Atlanta Hilton in Atlanta, Georgia. Registration for Innovations 2006 will open October 23, 2005.

League Corporate Partners and Member Colleges are invited to participate in the Innovations exhibition. Details are available online at http://www.league.org/i2006.

Experience Southern hospitality in an elegant setting at the Atlanta Hilton, located in downtown Atlanta. From arts to sports and dining in-between, Atlanta is the key to non-stop excitement.

At the hotel, on-site entertainment abounds with Trader Vic's and Nikolai's Roof, the first four-star restaurant in downtown Atlanta. You'll find a full-service Fitness Center perfect for workouts away from home, with tennis courts, jogging track, swimming pool, basketball court, fitness equipment, and locker rooms.

Innovations 2006 is an opportunity for colleagues around the world to showcase their model programs, to share lessons learned, and to look to the future by experiencing a wide array of learning opportunities. Join the most energetic community college professionals as they work together to improve student and organizational learning by exploring innovations in (1) Learning and Teaching, (2) Leadership and Organization, (3) Workforce Preparation and Development, (4) Student Services and Activities, (5) Basic Skills and Developmental Education, (6) Resource Development and Foundation Management, and (7) Research, Assessment, and Accountability.

The conference features Forums, Roundtables, Learning Center Courses, and Poster Session presentations for each Innovations stream, along with General Session keynotes and an exhibition aimed at inspiring innovation and productive change in all areas of community colleges.

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Save the Date!
Learning College Summit

June 11-14, 2006
Sheraton Westport Lake Chalet
St. Louis, Missouri

Hosted by St. Louis Community College

The League's annual Learning College Summit is scheduled for June 11-14, 2006, at the Sheraton Westport Lake Chalet in St. Louis, Missouri. The 2006 Learning College Summit will be hosted by St. Louis Community College.

The Learning College Summit is designed as a working retreat, where you can connect with colleagues to share experiences, discuss issues, and explore strategies for overcoming obstacles and meeting challenges. Summit planners are developing a program of symposia, forums, and conversations about learning centered around five topics as they relate to the Learning College:

  • Accreditation
  • Accountability
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Staff Development

The League and host institution St. Louis Community College invite innovative community college educators who are committed to a deliberate, powerful focus on learning at their institutions to gather with colleagues in St. Louis for this exciting new program designed both for colleges that are beginning the journey toward becoming more learning centered and veteran Learning College institutions that are well on their way.

For additional information, see future issues of League Connections and watch for updates on the League website at http://www.league.org/ls2006/.

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News and Events

Certiport Programs Help Bridge the Digital Divide

As nations and communities develop economically, there is a natural progression from agrarian to manufacturing and industrial to service and information industries. Each of these types of economies demands a different skill set, and as communities advance to service and information economies, the lack of digital skills people need to survive creates a divide that can seem impossible to overcome. This shift also creates a greater gap in the standard of living between those who have in-demand skills and those who don't. 

Training to learn and validation of digital skills are paramount to overcoming the effects of the digital divide: isolation, poverty, unemployment, and shrinking tax bases.

Certiport's Certification Pathway (benchmark, training, practice exams, and certification) is designed to bridge the digital gap, propelling individuals forward with the skill set to succeed in the 21st century. But digital literacy isn't just for the middle-aged, out-of-work factory worker; everyone needs these skills and knowledge to find meaningful employment in the information age.

To register for your opportunity to take an Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) or Microsoft Office Specialist exam during 2005 CIT and see how you can provide your students with credentials recognized around the world, click here.

To view a four-minute video addressing the digital divide, click here.

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You Can Decide TODAY What Your
CMS/VLE of Tomorrow Will Be

The recent announcement of the merger of two large competitors in the educational eLearning market has caused widespread uncertainty about the future of their Course Management System for many institutions. Desire2Learn (D2L) wishes to reassure its clients and all potential clients of its intention to remain independent, with no intention of merging or selling, and to continue to provide the best choice for client-focused, innovative teaching and learning systems.

Desire2Learn will continue to execute its plans for steady growth to market leadership.  After the merger of competitors, D2L will be the second largest provider of eLearning technology to educational institutions, as determined by number of clients, and will retain the position as the leading enterprise eLearning technology and service provider with well over 3 million learners worldwide - with clients across North America, the UK, Europe, Australia, South America, and other locations around the world.

Desire2Learn's number one priority has been and always will be its clients. D2L has accomplished six years of rapid and profitable growth, is under no pressure to sell/merge, and is well positioned to continue its growth through partnership with clients. The company is dedicated to improving education through better technology, exceptional staff, and focus on educator and student needs. 

In April 2003 The University of Wisconsin System (UWS) licensed Desire2Learn because "we saw the opportunity to move beyond the standard course management system to begin to create a real learning platform for all our students and employees" (Ed Meachen, Associate Vice President, Learning & Information Technology)  According to Kathy Pletcher, Chair of the D2L Steering Committee, "The D2L model for rapid implementation enabled UWS to migrate from multiple course management systems to a single course management system in one year. We offered our first D2L courses in summer 2003, by fall one-quarter of the CMS courses had been converted to D2L courses and by summer 2004 UWS had completed its conversion to D2L. Faculty have adapted well to D2L and students like it. The growth in D2L usage has been 25-40 percent each semester. During the 2004/05 academic year UWS enrollments in D2L courses exceeded a half million. The UWS implementation has been a real success story."

For institutions wishing to take control of their course management system (CMS), Desire2Learn is the clear choice:

  • No cost conversion - Only technology provider to have a zero cost option for switching courses to D2L very rapidly and with minimal disruption to faculty and students. 
  • Industry-leading adoption of open standards and specifications such as SCORM, IMS, IEEE, and others to ensure interoperability and portability for clients. 
  • Ability for clients to completely tailor the learning environment to reflect their vision, mission, values, look and feel, approach to teaching and learning through the unique ability to define roles, security, and organizational structure. 
  • Full functionality and more - Desire2Learn offers the fullest featured CMS available as well as next generation applications such as a standards-based Learning Object Repository and LiveRoom synchronous collaboration technology.
  • Continued commitment to price stability, lower total cost of ownership, and higher return on investment.
  • Responsiveness to client needs through tremendous investment in R&D and collaboration with academic partners.

From the largest statewide consortium to the smallest campus, leading educational institutions (K12, Higher Ed) trust Desire2Learn (D2L) eLearning Technology. Many leading educational institutions and systems have made the transition with tremendous success:

  • The Ohio State University this Autumn quarter experienced just under 200 percent of targeted growth in terms of the number of instructors predicted. Of the instructors using the new Desire2Learn system, 75 percent made NO calls to the university help desk, and an additional 14 percent made only 1 call. Of particular interest: of the instructors with active courses, only about 20 percent took one of the university training workshops. This means that most people are able to use the system by relying on the online help resources provided by both D2L and the university, or with local assistance.
  • During the selection process, the University of Iowa adopted a process that had broad involvement from the campus to consolidate its CMSs into one mission-critical enterprise system. More than 28,000 students, 1,200 faculty and 13,000 staff at 11 colleges will be using the Desire2Learn system. "The Desire2Learn learning management solution provides the University with an opportunity to implement new functionality with a more consistent approach to e-learning for our students, faculty and staff," said Steve Fleagle, Interim CIO at The University of Iowa. "This will be one of our most important systems..." added Fleagle.

"Our growth plans have not changed; we continue to add top talent to meet the anticipated needs of our current and future clients for superior technology, stable roadmap, and outstanding service and support," states John Baker, President and CEO of Desire2Learn. "We will always put our clients first and look forward to building even stronger relationships and client satisfaction moving forward."

From its inception, Desire2Learn has stated clients are at the top of its stakeholder list, and this prioritization of stakeholders and other important differences are contributing to the company's success to date and continues to clearly differentiate Desire2Learn from its competitors, as illustrated again by the recent competitor merger.

"Desire2Learn wishes to seek the advice and opinions of our clients and potential clients who have comments, questions, and/or concerns about this recent event and the increased growth opportunity for Desire2Learn."  John Baker invites clients to email or phone the company, or join a new discussion on the topic of mergers in education at the D2L community (http://community.Desire2Learn.com).  

Desire2Learn will be exhibiting at booth #159 at the League's Conference on Information Technology in Dallas, October 23-26, and at many other upcoming events.

For more information, to setup a demonstration or a meeting, or to talk with one of our clients who matches your profile, please visit the website (http://www.Desire2Learn.com), contact 519-772-0325, or email info@desire2learn.com.

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Member Spotlight

Membership Spotlight was introduced at the beginning of the 2004-2005 membership year as a new League benefit.  Each month, member colleges had the opportunity to spotlight an aspect of their institution to share with other community colleges: a program, an award, a new innovation being implemented, and so on. These spotlights were then posted in our monthly LeagueConnections newsletter.

We send our thanks and recognition once again to the colleges featured in last year's Membership Spotlight. Each institution is listed below with a link to the college's spotlight selection.


Chemeketa CC


Sinclair Community College


Lane CC


Lurleen B. Wallace CC


J. Sgt. Reynolds CC


Northland Pioneer College


John Tyler CC


Langside College


Reedley College


Monroe Community College


Anne Arundel CC

August Foothill-De Anza Community College District


Patrick Henry CC

September Scottish Further Education Unit

The Membership Spotlight began anew for the 2005-2006 membership year with our August 2005 LeagueConnections newsletter. We invite our member colleges to participate in this year's spotlight opportunity. If you are interested in participating, please contact Wendy Neil (neil@league.org) with your request. Membership Spotlights will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis, with subsequent requests filling each open spot.

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