What is PinPoint?

Generally, it is a 4-day Gaming Event for Innovations 2013 Conference Participants

More specifically, it is an extravagant and innovative four-day participatory learning experience using a combination of note-taking/tracking and mobile technologies open to all conference participants. It is an engaging professional development event fostering collaboration, problem solving, data based decision making, and experiential learning. Gaming raises the level of participation in innovation through hands-on and real-life activities that are exciting, challenging, and motivational. To get started, go to the Getting Started page…..

Who are the Game Designers?

head shot of Shelley RodrigoRochelle (Shelley) Rodrigo is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & New Media at Old Dominion University. She was as a full time faculty member for nine years in English and film studies at Mesa Community College in Arizona. At MCC she also served instructional technologist and faculty professional development coordinator. Shelley researches how “newer” technologies better facilitate communicative interactions, more specifically teaching and learning.

As well as co-authoring both the first and second editions of The Wadsworth Guide to Research, Shelley was also co-editor of Rhetorically Rethinking Usability. Her scholarly work has appeared in Computers and Composition (Online), Teaching English in the Two-Year College, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, Journal of Advancing Technology, Flow¸ as well as various edited collections. In 2012 she was awarded the Digital Humanities High Powered Computing Fellowship and in 2004 she the American Association for Higher Education’s Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award. Shelley served as co-chair on the EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee (2009-2012) and was elected to the Conference on College Composition and Communication Executive Committee (2010-2012). In 2010 she became a Google Certified Teacher.


picture of Laura BallardLaura Ballard is newly the eLearning Director at Mesa Community College in Phoenix, Arizona.  Previously she was the Instructional Designer in the Center for Teaching & Learning at GateWay Community College. She is passionate about helping faculty transform traditional learning environments into relevant and engaging experiences. For the past nine years, she has been in various roles at the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) working with faculty, staff, and administrators to elevate their instructional technology skills. Prior to coming to MCCCD, she earned her Masters’ Degree in Learning and Instructional Technology at ASU. While taking coursework, she was an instructor and researcher under the PT3 (Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to use Technology) grant. She researched the positive impact of technology infusion on the learning process and how to teach teachers the techniques of infusion. She has designed and delivered several hybrid and online courses at ASU and the Maricopa Community Colleges using various instructional technologies and Learning Management Systems (LMS) and has also been an online student. Laura is currently online adjunct faculty in the English department at Mesa & GateWay Community Colleges. Along with these experiences, she has also been a high school Language Arts teacher and a fastpitch and volleyball coach