Mar 10

Agitator Award

Image of the Agitator Badge

PinPoint Agitator Badge

This badge is for those participants who poke and probe the game masters, question their game, make up their own rules, try to beat the game and are all around a bit unruly (in a good way).

2013 Winners

  1. pe_robinson
    • 3 types of online instructors: leaders, guiders, and lurkers. Lurkers aren’t successful teachers w online #396 #INND13
    • Sinclair CC increased enrollments with the online lab courses – far more popular than F2F. #340 #INND13 / But did the students learn?
  2. mklagesnyc
    • I don’t like language around banks of assessments. I root for assessment of authentic student work. Faculty grown, faculty driven. #INND13
    • Perhaps we could solve the pedagogy problem if MA and PhD programs offered better support for teaching. #INND13
  3. deandad“The traditional idea of a MOOC…” Already?#innd13
  4. DocBarlett@xrayctprof thy is supposed to be the idea – if the PowerPoint speaks for itself then why are you there #innd13
  5. Madlerispsyched: I don’t agree with forgiveness of all students loans. Lack of accountability is not something we should foster. #innd13
  6. oliveharveyvpaa: Dr. Terry O’Banion @NatAmericanU “We need educational leaders who will disturb the universe!” #innd13
  7. tintikane: Don’t just add social media on, rethink your prep to leverage the tools for impactful teaching. #smteachlearn #INND13