Mar 10

Thought Provoker Award

Thought Provoker

This badge is awarded to those who share exceptionally thought-provoking remarks and content via Twitter.  Their posts inspire creative and deep thinking.

2013 Award Winners

  1. mklagesnyc
    • “@pe_robinson:Contact online students individually email, chat, or even phone” Honestly? Traditional should be doing this too #396 #INND13
    • How can sustainability be infused into learning and teaching? #380 #INND13
  2. HMSullivan:
    • Teaching second most stressful job next to air traffic controller. #INND13 #250
    • Never thought about using Unemployment Insurance Wage Data as part of labor market data to be used in forecasting. #INND13 #191
  3. pe_robinson: Prof dev pro tip: get good presenters and ask to see presentation first. Don’t let just anyone present #301 #INND13
  4. susw3h3: Assessment is about change. #ss7-281#innd13
  5. rhargismcccAre online science labs equivalent to f2f labs? I say yes, some say no. A fine debate in the making. Session #340 #INND13
  6. MobileCTC: Today’s students may be tech-savvy “digital natives” but that doesn’t mean they’re prepared for the real world. #089 #INND13
  7. amy_jane: How do colleges stay relevant? #innd13
  8. tintikane:
    • Now that we have the data, we need to understand how to use it. How do we provide users with a simple process to follow? #INND13
    • The workplace is full of collaborative, social experiences. Are we providing those opportunities in #highered#smteachlearn #INND13
    • Some students do not want to mix their “beer and their books” so we need to be sensitive to that! #smteachlearn #INND13
  9. DocBarlett:
    • Idea – fill the last no math year of high school with a class that relates math to various subjects #294 #innD13
    • It’s true that students don’t really understand what goes on and why in colleges- I hear it often in my intro to college discussions #innd13
    • New idea guys – something bigger than a round table, but set up as a discussion and not a forum so we can have a big chat like this #innd13
  10. deandad: Still can’t get a good answer to why the return-to-college rates of women over 25 are so much higher than for men over 25. #innd13