Mar 02

Advanced Twitter Stuff for Players

Wanna take your PinPoint Twitter involvement to the next level?

twitter appsLinks to Online Resources

Include online resources in your Tweets.  If  you’re at a session or exhibitor booth that shares a resource that your Twitter community might find useful, tweet it out — if the URL is especially lengthy, consider using a URL shortening service — see below:

URL Shortener

URL shorteners are used to turn long URLs into shorter URLs. Shortening services can be found online. Find out how to shorten links. Learn about Twitter’s own URL shortener.


My favorite thing about Twitter is the sharing of visuals — i.e. pictures!  Take pictures of where you are, who you’re with, landmarks, ideas, locations, scenery….you name it!  Most Twitter apps for mobile devices have a picture attach feature that allows you to upload a picture to a hosted space and share with your Twitter followers!

Twitter Apps

Smartphones and tablets will have twitter apps in the apps store or market. If you would like a more robust tracking system, try hootsuite.com or tweetdeck.com (both of these sites also have smartphone apps that you should be able to find in your apps store on your smartphones).

Post-Conference Tweet Collection (so you can grab your notes)

A quick and easy way to archive your tweets from the conference is to use Tweetbackup. It’s web-based and will collect up to 3200 tweets (including back tweets). You can also export the archive in order to make it a searchable document (so you can easily locate the #INND13 tweets specifically).