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Why Partner with the League


Founded in 1968, the League for Innovation in the Community College (League) is an international association dedicated to catalyzing the community college movement. CEOs from influential, resourceful, and dynamic community colleges and districts comprise the League’s board of directors. These community colleges and their leaders are joined by more than 800 institutions that are also League members. With this core of powerful and innovative community colleges and more than 160 corporate partners, the League serves community colleges around the world by hosting conferences and institutes, developing web resources, conducting research, producing publications, and leading projects and initiatives with our member colleges, corporate partners, and other agencies.

Become a Partner with the League for Innovation in the Community College

The value of partnering with the League is the access we provide into the community college market. First-rate companies partner with us to make a meaningful difference in the way community colleges serve students. As a League partner, your company will be affiliated with our network of over 800 community colleges and more than 160 outstanding corporate partners to become a major player in the community college market. You are cordially invited to partner with us as a means of business development and to participate in the exchange of information that stimulates experimentation and innovation in all areas of community colleges.

Exhibiting At the League for Innovation in the Community College Conferences

League exhibition halls at the Innovations and STEMtech conferences are rewarding experiences that thoroughly engage conference participants. The Innovations and STEMtech conferences attract between 1,500 and 2,000 participants each year. Only companies that are League corporate partners are eligible to exhibit, make presentations, or in other ways participate in League conferences. This longstanding policy ensures that our participant’s interests match your products and services. Don’t miss this opportunity to highlight your latest products and services to users and decision makers from around the country.

Innovations Conference The Innovations conference is the premier event for community college professionals dedicated to improving teaching and learning, increasing organizational effectiveness, and discovering new approaches for enhancing the community college experience. The conference provides an exciting forum for collaboration among academic experts and leading community college professionals, while granting participants exclusive access to the most inventive and thought-provoking programs from around the world. The Innovations provides opportunities for colleagues to showcase their model programs, share lessons learned, and look to the future by exploring a wide array of new ideas.

STEMtech Conference The STEMtech conference is a national convening focused on increasing student success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, areas that are currently the focus of much national attention. The STEM-related tracks reflect the League’s longstanding commitment to workforce development as well as the strong national emphasis currently being placed on workforce training and economic revitalization. The tech suffix continues the 25-year history of the Conference on Information Technology and its predecessors by branding the STEMtech conference as the League’s technology conference.

League conference exhibition halls provide high-energy settings for you and your company’s representatives to interact directly with conference participants as they explore the latest advances in educational products and services.For additional information, contact Chris Hennessey at hennessey@league.org or (480) 705-8200 x237.