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For additional League Alliance information contact:
LaRita Phillips
Membership Services Specialist
(480) 705-8200 x 234

For additional League Alliance information contact:
Sherry Sklar
Membership Services Specialist
(480) 705-8200 x 228

“The League Alliance is a proven asset in our efforts to serve students. From reading its publications to attending the conferences, the League's message is often the catalyst for the implementation of new approaches to achieving our mission. The value from League membership is easily measured by increased student success rates and enhanced student satisfaction.”
Martin Olshinsky, President, West Virginia Northern Community College


“The Scottish Further Education Unit (SFEU) leads the training and development for all staff in Scotland's colleges. It is important for us to take recognition of different education systems that are in operation around the world, so we can offer our staff the most up-to-date learning opportunities. Our connection with the League helps us to increase our knowledge of the different education systems and therefore enhance the work of SFEU.”

Glen Cook, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Scottish Further Education Unit


“Minnesota State Community and Technical College is enthusiastic about our League Alliance membership. The support the League provides to improved learning services is immeasurable. We are motivated by our commitment to distinction, and the League provides our college with tools to achieve that.”
Ann M. Valentine, President, Minnesota State Community and Technical College


“Membership in the League provides learning opportunities for the faculty and staff from our college. We learn from excellent presentations at conferences and from the wide array of educational publications available to us. I recommend membership in the League!”
David B. Borofsky, President, Bates Technical College


Announcing the partnership with the League of Innovation.  A League member is eligible to receive a tuition grant of 15% toward Fischler School of Education and Human Services programs. This includes the doctoral program and any masters’ degree.

Scholarship Opportunities:
The Fischler School of Education and Human Services is sponsoring two scholarships a year to League members. One scholarship will be awarded in the Doctor of Education (Ed.D) program with a Community College Minor or the Certificate and one in the Master of Science in Leadership or Certificate.

(15 - 21 Credit Hours- credits transfer into the doctoral degree)

Program Objective:  This program of study prepares students to pursue a professional leadership career within the community college system.  Community college administrators, professors, researchers, and community college policy analysts will be able to assess, plan, coordinate, and contribute to the expansion and improvement of community college leadership today and in the future.

The courses were developed and are taught by community college leaders consisting of Chancellors, Presidents, and Deans with worldwide experiences.  Students will receive a global view of the leadership issues and challenges in the community college systems. Courses are designed for onsite, online, and worldwide delivery.

(Masters 40 credit hours – Certificate 15 credit hours)

The programs in leadership offer a track in education and human services designed for advisors, coordinators, trainers, supervisors, administrators, and directors in private schools, colleges and universities, human services and non-profit organizations, and the military. This program fosters the development of leadership skills to organize, motivate, and lead others to achieve organizational and team goals. The education and human services track focuses on developing practitioners who can translate leadership perspectives and applications into the fields of education and human services.

The programs are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  For more information contact  Dr. Debbie Nellis at 800 986-3223 ext. 28437 debbien@nova.edu  or Jolette Apela-Jean ext. 28621 apela@nova.edu