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For additional League Alliance information contact:
Sherry Sklar
Membership Services Specialist
(480) 705-8200 x 228

“The League is a vital foundation for community colleges worldwide. Its commitment to progressive academic practices, cutting edge technology, and other innovations has enabled our colleges to stay competitive as global centers of learning and advancement.”
Myrtle Dorsey, Chancellor, Baton Rouge Community College

“The League provides an outstanding return on investment for a small college like ours. The information, resources, collective wisdom, and practical skills and advice gained through membership greatly enhance the professional development opportunities for all our faculty and staff. Ultimately, we become part of a greater conversation that our limited resources would not normally permit; allowing us to have made significant advancements in fiscal management, program development, enrollment growth, and strategic thinking! The League is one of our most valued resources.”
William Austin, President, Warren County Community College

“A challenge for a globally oriented tertiary education institute facing the tyranny of distance, as we do in Australia, is to continually keep abreast of international trends and ensuring global relevance. The League provides a forum to support international best practice in the design and development of innovative resources and teaching & learning practices in a collaborative environment. As such, our learning communities benefit as do our students, and the enterprises we serve.”
John Maddock, Chief Executive Officer, Box Hill Institute

“We appreciate the balance the League offers between practical solutions and opportunities for policy advocacy.  The opportunities to connect with like-minded colleagues at other League colleges has been immensely valuable, and participating in programs like the CCTI (College and Career Transitions Initiative) help us implement our institution’s strategic priorities. Advancing the mission of our college is crucial for the well-being of our students and communities—and we value the League as a critical partner in this vital work.”
Anne Weyandt, President, Anoka Technical College

League Alliance with iStream

iStream's user interface creates easy access for your entire administration, faculty, staff and student body.

Explore iStream…the League’s web-based, multimedia portal where faculty, staff, administration, and students find quick solutions to their research and reference needs using the latest web 2.0 technology. An iStream subscription provides everyone at your campus access to videos, articles, publications, and learning programs, along with the best of the League’s conferences, services, partnerships, and collaborative communities.

iStream Logo

The abundance of resources and information at your fingertips includes the following:

    Conference Presentations Find keynote and special session video's, and PowerPoint presentations from the League's international conferences all in one place. Access conference materials from:

    • Innovations (2001-2010)
    • Conference on Information Technology/CIT (1999-2009)
    • STEMtech (2010 coming soon)
    • Added bonus: Archived Thoughtful Topics - This original content area, which was focused on monthly themes and targeting community colleges and higher education, provides:
      • Immediate access to specific presentations
      • Colleagues sharing ground-breaking ideas
      • Learning guides that support cross-discipline and departmental discussions
      • Cataloged reference links and drop-down lists for quick access to additional archived topics

    Professional Development - These programs provide faculty and staff comprehensive teaching and learning practices with:

    • Online and hybrid materials
    • Real-and any-time progressive learning activities
    • Assessment strategies

    Webinars - The League partners with leading professional organizations to provide iStream subscribers with:

    • Free, front-row seating
    • Practical, thought-provoking workshops and webinars
    • Relevant topics for community colleges today

    eLearning - Learn, Borrow, and Share! With online learning becoming more prevalent in the education world, eLearning focuses on:

    • Open Educational Resources (OER) courses and programs
    • Open access, or discounted options, for faculty, staff, administration, and students
    • An array of workforces and specialty online learning programs to meet academic, workforce, and community education needs

    Publications - Everyone on your campus has unlimited access to League publications, including:

    • Full-length electronic versions of League books, monographs, and reports
    • All volumes of Leadership and Learning Abstracts
    • Results of League CEO Surveys

    Partners Spotlight
    - Step into the Spotlight!

    • Explore the latest product developments, features, and services from state-of-the-latest companies that serve the community college and higher education fields
    • Gain access to beta-product reviews, and reference direct contacts for higher education products and services

    League Projects - Discover ground-breaking contributions from League board and member colleges covering:

    • Innovative programs, critical issues, and the developing needs in community colleges
    • The macro perspectives of accountability, student outcome assessments, and sustainability
    • Specific highlights on workforce development, STEM, veteran services, ESL service learning, library makeovers, and many more

    Ten Questions to Leadership -
    Have you ever wondered what books leaders in higher education are reading? Or, more personally, who had the greatest impact on their life achievements? Faculty and staff in leadership positions will:

    • Read professional, candid, intriguing responses to ten questions asked of leaders in a variety of roles
    • Gain valuable insight into how successful leaders achieve results

    Value Adds -
    The value added benefits for League Alliance members who subscribe to iStream include:

    • Everyone on your campus can experience a League conference through the video streamed Keynotes and Special Sessions
    • A searchable database hosting over 200,000 resource pieces, including over 11,000 model programs
    • The League's 40+ years of leading best practices and higher education innovations in the U.S. and around the world


Is your college an iStream subscriber? Check the Alliance Membership Listing. Look for the http://www.league.org/membership/images/salli.jpg symbol next to your college name.

Not a League Alliance Member? Find out here how your community college can become a member.

There are also a few other options for non-community college groups or an individual to consider…

Optional Subscriptions:
Individual subscription – $250/year*
Community College Leadership Programs (CCLP) – per-seat pricing for groups of 2 or more/year
University/Partner access – similar to CCLP pricing

    *Subscription year is from July 1 – June 30

For more information, including a no-cost preview of iStream, please contact Sherry Sklar.

Subscribe Today!