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June 11-14, 2005
Oak Brook Hills Resort
Oak Brook, Illinois

Hosted By:

Moraine Valley Community College

Maricopa County Community College District

For more information contact
Cynthia Wilson
(480) 705·8200 x238


Mark your calendars for the Learning College Summit!

June 11-14, 2005
Oak Brook Hills Resort
Oak Brook, Illinois

Now in its third year, the League's Learning Summit has joined with the successful Vanguard Learning College Conference, held last year in Toronto, to form the Learning College Summit. Plans are fully under way for this exciting new gathering, to be held June 11-14, 2005, at the Oak Brook Hills Resort in Oak Brook, Illinois. The 2005 Summit is being hosted by Moraine Valley Community College (IL) and Maricopa County Community College District (AZ).

As an integral facet of the League's Learning Initiative, the Learning College Summit is a gathering of innovative community college educators who are committed to a deliberate, powerful focus on learning at their institutions. With an exciting new program, the 2005 Learning College Summit is designed to help both colleges that are beginning the journey toward becoming more learning centered and veteran learning-college institutions that are well on their way.

In a small conference center setting, the 2005 Learning College Summit will serve as a working retreat for college teams or for individual representatives from colleges to connect with colleagues and to share experiences, discuss issues, and explore strategies for overcoming obstacles and meeting challenges. This gathering of community college educators is designed to foster networking and collaborative opportunities among colleagues, and is a vehicle to investigate ways colleges have successfully undertaken significant organizational transformation to improve student learning.

The 2005 Learning College Summit will offer participants opportunities to explore in depth five topics derived from the five institutional objectives of the League's Learning College Project. During the project, the Vanguard Learning Colleges worked to make these five aspects of their institutions more learning centered. The five topics are organizational culture, staff recruitment and development, learning outcomes, student engagement, and technology.

Each topic will be the focus of deep examination during its own morning or afternoon session. Each session will feature a symposium, forums, and conversations about learning.

Symposium. Each half-day session will begin with a plenary symposium focused on the topic for that session. At each symposium, practitioners from two or three Vanguard Learning Colleges will discuss ways their colleges are working to make that aspect of their institution more learning centered. Each symposium will also include a question-and-answer period.

Forums. Held concurrently, the forums will follow the symposium and will feature a team of two or three participants from a college presenting successful approaches to achieving educational transformation in the topic area. Presenters will provide specific examples of successful strategies and practices used at their college.

Conversations About Learning. Each half-day session will end with conversations about learning designed to provide college teams the opportunity to regroup and reflect on their experiences at the Summit and to begin discussing ways to apply their learning at their college. Teams may choose to use this time to meet with other college teams and/or individuals. For participants who are the sole representative from their college, these conversations will offer an opportunity to continue symposium and forum dialogues and to discuss challenges, obstacles, and successes with others. Individuals may also choose to use this time for meeting with specific college teams and/or individuals.

The 2005 Learning College Summit has the following goals:

  • Provide a comfortable setting for educators to share the successes and challenges of transforming institutions to become more powerfully focused on learning.
  • Increase understanding of the concepts of the Learning College as a framework and inspiration for affecting institutional change to improve student learning, performance, and success.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of innovative processes and approaches to transforming undergraduate education and improving institutional student outcomes
  • Facilitate participant interaction and development of new networks of colleagues who support Learning College concepts.

If you want to learn more about the process of transforming the structures, procedures, and practices of your institution to focus on producing meaningful and successful student learning, the 2005 Learning College Summit will give you an opportunity to share ideas, approaches, and experiences with colleagues in higher education.