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March 14-16, 2003
Hyatt Regency Phoenix,
Phoenix, Arizona

For more information contact
Bill Flynn



League Learning Summit 2003

Introducing the League Learning Summit, dedicated to showcasing exciting approaches to teaching and learning, fostering networking and collaborative opportunities among colleagues, and investigating how colleges have undertaken significant organizational development and transformation to improve student learning. The Summit will feature outstanding speakers, information-rich breakout sessions, and social events designed to maximize networking and fun.

In recent years, there have been many calls for change and improvement in American higher education. Much of the impetus for the current discussion on
the need for change came from the groundbreaking work of Terry O’Banion, President Emeritus and Senior League Fellow, League for Innovation, who championed the concept of the Learning College. George Boggs, President of the American Association of Community Colleges, was another pioneer whose writings and leadership focused discussion on a national level. And an article by Robert Barr and John Tagg, "From Teaching to Learning: A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education," appeared in the November/December 1995 issue of Change, causing widespread discussion and debate within the academy.

All four visionaries tapped into a deeply ingrained sense that the educational status quo was no longer effective or defensible. By looking at colleges as learning producers rather than instruction providers, they reshaped the future of higher education and initiated the most sweeping re-evaluation of the mission and vision of community colleges in history.

Learn more about the process of transforming the structures, procedures, and practices of your institution to focus on producing meaningful and successful student learning by

  • Increasing your understanding of the concepts of the Learning College and the Learning Paradigm as a framework and inspiration for affecting
    institutional change to improve student learning, performance, and success
  • Exchanging innovative processes and approaches to transforming
    undergraduate education and improving institutional and student outcomes
  • Joining cutting-edge leaders in learning technology and techniques for
    demonstrations and exchange of ideas
  • Sharing approaches in improving assessment techniques to more effectively measure student success
  • Interacting with and developing new networks of colleagues in support of becoming more learning centered

Through Antioch University McGregor, you can incorporate Learning Summit activities into a doctoral, master’s, or continuing education course on the Learning College. Review the key concepts of the Learning College and critique how colleges are applying these concepts. Course dates are March 13 through March 16. Go to the Learning College for course and registration information. Students must also register for the Learning Summit through the League. Register early—a maximum of 25 students will be enrolled. Use your pre-approved McGregor Professional Development Scholarship to save on tuition.