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Technology & Learning

From the Field

June 1999
Learning Communities at Cerritos College: Exploring
and Understanding Diverse Perspectives by JoAnn Smartt-Gaither

March 1999
"Turning Online Education into a New Professional Discipline" by Steve McCarty

November 1998 
"Becoming A Learning College, The Building Blocks Of Change A Collaborative Effort of Michigan
Community College Association, Michigan State University, and the Strategic Thinking Task Force" 

September 1998
"Sullivan County Community College Opens First Community College Cyber Cafe on the East
Coast" by Monica Bagna 

June 1998
"Distance Learning in the Oregon Community Colleges: A Partnership for the 21st Century"
by Ron Baker  

May 1998
"Redefining Access" by Colleen Fix 

March 1998
"Online Learning About Online Teaching: A Conference for Learning by Doing" by Jim
Shimabukuro and Bert Kimura 

January 1998
"Results of the 1997 National Survey of Information Technology in Higher Education" by Kenneth C. Green

October 1997
"Using Technology to Build a Statewide Learning Community" by Sunil Chand 

May 1997 
"New Technology Gives Teachers A New Choice" by James Ray Musgrave 

September 1996
"Project REINVEST: Developing An Economic Planning System for Technology-Based and Distance
Education" by Robert H. McCabe



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