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Updates and Outcomes

March 3-4, Atlanta, Georgia

The 21st Century Learning Outcomes Project College Teams gathered to discuss and share their experiences in working to achieve the project objectives. The Seminar 2001 Program was designed to allow college teams to celebrate their achievements and discover strategies to meet challenges they encounter in the project.

During Issues Sessions and Concurrent Sessions, facilitators captured the essence of the various topics that were discussed. The ideas that emerged from these discussions are provided as catalysts for further dialogue:
Creating an Organizational Culture for Learning
Institutionalizing the Effort
Getting Buy-In
Maintaining the Momentum
Connecting to Other College Projects and Initiatives
Reaching Consensus on Learning Outcomes
Developing an Outcomes-Based Curriculum
Good Practices for Assessment
Alternative Documentation for Learning Outcomes
Developing dissemination Models: Local and National
Project Evaluation

Link to Issues Sessions Report 
Link to Concurrent Sessions Report

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