Trustee Role & Function Meeting

Sunday, June 24, 2001


Facilitator: Dianne Campbell

Recorder: Jeanne Stroh


1.     Problems & Issues: Which are important for us?


Defining & Teaching Outcomes

Trustee role:  Making certain there is consistent, system-wide student outcome evaluation (based on agreed core competencies) [values, mission]

·         keep the student at the forefront

·         awareness of the difference between evaluation and assessment

·         Trustees set values

§         identify core competencies

·         how do we know what’s meaningful data?

·         retention is the best indicator of “student success”

§         semester

§         program/articulation

·         LC trustees need to establish best practices

§         educate ourselves

·         define policy

·         ensure policies are in place

·         retention

·         set goals

§         modest at public level

§         greater internally

§         stretch between public and internal indicates risk taking, a way to measure one Learning College quality


What is the future student profile going to look like?  [vision]

Vanguard Trustees don’t know each other, some are elected, some appointed, some appointed by board, some by governor


2.     Using Technology

(technology as a consumable instead of a capital expenditure)

·         Is technology improving learning & access, how does it relate to student learning? (traditionally boards measure number of computers)  [value, vision, mission]

·         What kind of “bang” do we get from our “buck” for IT of student learning?

§         Evaluation of use of technology

§         Success of student

·         Technology is not valued, but what is does.  Not capital, training, & maintenance.

·         Connecting to outcomes

·         How do we obtain, retain, recycle technology?


Evaluation is a new concept appearing in trustee thinking.


3.     Recruiting staff

·         Not our job? Yes, it is our job…

·         values of board should drive the policy that state & include the values of workforce

·         Recommendation: Evaluation of the CEO on diversity

·         Monitor affirmative action reports to see that diversity is appropriate throughout the organization & set goals for correcting imbalances

·         [values, vision, mission]


Main focus for trustees: accountability & policy

Side Note: the more diverse the work force, the easier to maintain diversity.


4.     Orienting & Engaging Students in Learning Centered Education

·         policy & accountability

·         monitoring retention

·         mentoring

·         Underprepared are not funded at all or not at same level of funding-legislative


5.     Creating Campus Culture for Learning

·         Twist to focus on the student for accountability piece & total involvement in institutional process.  A learning centered college is student focused.  Cascadia students took faculty/staff value statements & used to guide student groups.

·         All board policies & documents including agenda need to be concise and clear (easily readable, no jargon)

·         true diversity = respect for every individual

·         Governance

§         Values ß Board


                        Deliberative bodies

§         Positive governance strategies

§         Totemic value of trustees

§         Learners–Boards in continual learning

§         Trustees as keepers of the values – walk the talk


6.     Funding


Assumptions: no new $; no changing of allocation formula $


·         Include all in the budgeting process - build incentives: 50% departmental & 50% institution

·         “Search & Destroy” move some $ for learning which might not be allocated to instruction

·         Identify areas in the budget where the deliverables are constant, hold down or cut (Valencia example)

·         Identify hidden costs driven by inst. behavior, ie., precision scheduling

·         Turn cost centers into profit centers, example job placement

·         Partnerships

§         revenue streams

§         cost savings

·         Turn budget process into positive -  dual steps (increases seem like cuts)

§         Traditional Cost analysis & Projection

§         Strategic Planning LC Initiatives                   

·         Prepare for short-term reallocation issues

·         Where are the $ in the institution?  Identify elastic costs, what can go – engineer out hidden costs – those unexamined processes & budget items – “sort out the strategic from the mundane”

·         Establish field data cross institutional (start with vanguard colleges?) of actual cost @ FTE, i.e., categories: counseling,   utilities, student services


Learning College

1.      Tell me the characteristics of a learning college

2.      How do we proceed from characteristics to what we do & how we measure it?

3.      Have Boards talked about best practices for Board?

4.      Funding for participation in learning college

5.      What is Board role in architecture discussion?

6.      Role of CC Board in entire K -  PhD process?

7.      Simplification of discussion process

8.      Board of trustees want to be full partners in the learning centered revolution: stewardship, path finding, aligning, modeling



Monday, June 25, 2001


Facilitator: Dianne Campbell

Recorder: Jeanne Stroh


Key Questions


1.      Of the major problems/issues discussed in the morning sessions, which are most important for us (as technology staff, trustees, faculty, etc.) to address in this session?


See June 24 meeting notes.


2.      What strategies can we share or create (as resource development staff, classified staff, presidents, etc.) for building a Learning College culture in our institutions?



3.      How are we doing as facilitators of learning in our roles as (academic administrators, research staff, technology staff, etc.)?



4.      How do our roles (as student development administrators and counselors, staff development officers, faculty, etc.) need to change so we can better lead and contribute to our college’s journey to become more learning centered?



Best Practices