Time Bound Artifacts

Tuesday, June 26, 2001


Facilitator: Mark Milliron

Recorder: Amy Kelly


During this session, the group broke into three sub groups.  Each group was charged to creatively communicate a new, flexible time structure to students and community members still swimming in the sea of expectations surrounding the old time-based model by developing a television advertisement, an infomercial, a program, song or poem (max of 3-5 minutes) with the intention of (1) whetting the audience’s appetite for time-flexible community college education and (2) showcasing your best time-flexible features.


Group #1

Brainstorming Section:  Best strategies we are using or planning to use that break the traditional boundaries and our dream strategies to break the boundaries that would improve learning.

·         On branch campuses - open entry and open exit on all computer based courses.  Students can begin anytime and all labs have one instructor.

·         Grave shift courses

·         Courses on every other weekend

·         Electronic Portfolios

·         Transcripting Skills

·         Bar-coding Students

·         Online Orientation


Product Created:

·         C.H.I.P (College Helper for your Individualized Programming)

·         C.H.I.P. is a device containing a matrix with over 100,000 programmed learning objectives.  The learning objectives are automatically upgraded when information is out-dated.


Skit for Infomercial:

·         (lady) I think I will see what is on the monitor. . .

·         (voice) Plug in, Turn On, and reach for the stars

·          (man #1 walks onto screen) Hi, I am C.H.I.P.  The College Helper for your Individualized Programming. . .and I live in your neck! (man #1 walks off screen)

·          (man #2 walks onto the screen)  You can access learning any time, any place!  We have over 100,000 learning objectives you may choose from.  You can mix and match to create your own personalized learning and you can learn at your own pace.

·         If you want to become a ballerina, you choose learning objectives 5107 through 6107.

·         If you want to be an electrical engineer, you choose the 8000 series.

·         We have options to meet your every need.