Staff Development Officers Meeting

Sunday, June 24, 2001

Monday, June 25, 2001


Facilitator: Carol Holmes

Recorder: Karen Anderson


Key problems/issues relating to staff development based upon morning session


         Training in Learning College values/principles

         GAP between seasoned and new faculty

         Credibility gap between desired behaviors and actual behaviors

         Some faculty/staff are not embracing the Vanguard/Learning College entity (not our idea)

         Good may be the enemy of the best. Some of the colleges may be complacent based upon their good reputation

         Some faculty feel threatened (believe we have been doing this already)

         Training selection committees is important

         Lack of clarity about the meaning of being a learning-centered college

         Need shared definition of and examples of being learning centered.


Strategies staff development can share for building a Learning College


         Need to help teachers focus on students developing learning skills, assessment skills and self-assessment skills

         How to build acceptable language without betraying underlying principles.

         Create opportunities for dialogues about important concepts

         Need to develop and analyze data to support the learning concept

         Educate staff about Learning College principles and approaches

         Give faculty the opportunity to study various concepts/ideas as learners

         Assist all staff to view all staff as facilitators of learning

         We are all learners, we are all staff (vs. faculty first)

         Each individual understands role in Learning College; staff development needs a presence within the selection process

      Meetings of selection committees

      Needs of staff identified


How are staff development members doing as models for facilitators of learning?


         Not a come and do it (from a vacuum); involve participants in program design (participants)

         Act as consultant, a linkage to learning rather than being a content expert/or a direct deliverer

         How staff development roles need to change

      Become less of a doer and more of a manager

      More development related to leadership

        Manager setting expectations

        Assessing performance

      Become more of a change agent-impact on various college systems, e.g., hiring process