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Assumptions about Formation Team Members:  All individuals and team members need an understanding of the principles and practices of formation.  Those who wish to design formation experiences for others will need to be able to:

       create and hold a disciplined, evocative, and nurturing space for growth and learning.

       design formation experiences of different durations for a variety of purposes and participants.

       use poetry, stories, art, music, and insights from wisdom traditions to evoke the "inner teacher."

       understand and employ the power of paradox while holding a trustworthy space.

       integrate deep listening, silence, solitude, community, and the Clearness Committee process.

       commit to one's own ongoing inner work.

       identify one's own needs, goals, strengths, and weaknesses, and work with a mentor to assess progress toward mutually agreed-upon goals.


Application for Individual and Team Participation in Deepening and Sustaining Activities
Provide the information below with your individual and team responses by April 15, 2002. Send to CFHE@dcccd.edu or CFHE, 701 Elm, Dallas, TX 75202.

Click here to view an example application

Name: First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name

Title, Dept., Institution

Address: City, State/Province, Zip, Country

Phones: home and work, with area codes

Email: home and work; Fax

Dietary preferences/restrictions: (NOTE: Most dietary preferences can be accommodated; please contact us if you have unusual dietary requirements):

Please call us regarding special services and/or medical concerns related to your time in Taos. For example, we'd like to know if mobility issues make it desirable for you to have a ground floor room.

Each person wishing to pursue formation with the Center beyond the awareness-building level should complete the following:

1. A personal statement about the relationship of formation to your current sense of vocation, including a review of the awareness-building activities you have engaged in. The statement should also indicate how you work with questions of integrity and authenticity in your own life.

2. An indication of the role you will play in your institution's Formation Team. Those intending to become formation facilitators should include a summary of experiences with group facilitation.

The team should provide a statement about the significant formational questions for the institution.

Each application packet must include a statement from the Chief Executive Officer (or designated administrator) of the college about the institution's level of commitment to the goals of formation and the costs associated with preparation: travel, room and board, consultation, mentoring.