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Bridging the Digital Divide Project

The lack of technology access and skills puts disadvantaged members of our society increasingly at risk of becoming disenfranchised spectators of a digital world that is passing them by, bit by bit.”

— Milliron and Miles, 2000, Educause Review

Download Gerardo E. de los Santos' Digital Divide presentation, as seen at the 2001 Conference on Information Technology. (4.23 mb)

Zipped version (3.56 mb)

The technological advances of the Digital Age provide unparalleled access to information. However, these advances have led to what many have called the “Digital Divide,” where technological opportunities are disproportionately distant from minority and economically challenged populations. Community college educators must take an aggressive stance in finding quality ways to teach and reach our diverse student cohorts and communities. The Bridging the Digital Divide Project provides collaborative opportunities for community college educators, community leaders, and corporate partners to work together to better define this complex issue and build effective bridges to lessen the gap between the information haves and have nots.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the Bridging the Digital Divide Project is to inspire community college educators to take the strategic and aggressive steps to help provide the necessary information technology access and skill sets for a growing number of minorities and economically challenged populations.

Publications and Activities
The Digital Divide book is scheduled to be released at Innovations 2001. This book defines the Digital Divide in the context of community colleges and highlights community college programs, and is available for purchase at the LeagueStore.
Please view the February 2000 Leadership Abstract, Community Colleges Bridging the Digital Divide
During the 2000 Conference on Information Technology (CIT) in Anaheim, California, November 15–18, the League hosted the Digital Divide Summit in which Digital Divide leaders highlighted model programs and current trends and facilitate interactive focus groups aimed at helping the League define broad-scale Digital Divide projects. Speakers included George Boggs, President, American Association of Community Colleges; Norman Fortenberry, Director, Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation; and David Bolt, Executive Producer, PBS Digital Divide Series, Studio Miramar.

Please click here to view or download the Digital Divide Summit PowerPoint presentation.
Other Digital Divide Links
From Access to Outcomes: Raising the Aspirations for Technology Initiatives in Low Income Communities, Morino Institute
Closing the Digital Divide, National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Digital Divide Series, Public Broadcasting System
Digital Divide Solutions, A Partnership of the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University and The College Board
Digital Divide Network, Benton Foundation
Project Staff

Gerardo E. de los Santos, Interim President and CEO, League for Innovation
Alfredo G. de los Santos Jr., Senior League Fellow, League for Innovation