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CCWPN USDOL Employment and Training Administration Community-based Job Traning Grant

The CCWPN intends to help colleges identify and follow funding opportunities that apply to workforce development initiatives. Due to changes in Congress and the speed at which they often occur, we do not represent this information as official nor necessarily the most current. The following information describes what we currently know about

The Community-based Job Training Initiative

Many community colleges and consortiums of colleges have responded to the Solicitation for Grant Application from the USDOL Employment and Training Administration for the Community-based Job Training Initiative. ETA has not announced how many applications were received by the July 6, 2005 closing date though awards are expected later this year. The amount awarded for the first round was expected to be $125 million. A second round of applications was to be due sometime in the fall for a second $124 million.

Congress may make a funding change
Earlier this summer the House of Representatives cut the total $250 million by half, leaving $124 million for the total award amount this program year. The bill containing the reduced funds has been sent to the Senate where to date (early August 2005) it has not been acted upon. Until the Senate acts and the bill is processed in conference committee we will not know the outcome of this situation. We recommend that you track the changes to this initiative by checking the Employment and Training Administration web site.

Language in the current pending bill
The following language is as current as we know and is found in the TITLE I--DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ADMINISTRATION TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (INCLUDING RESCISSIONS). It describes what the Senate’s committee is recommending. To read the entire pending billPDF.

Community Based Job Training Initiative- The Committee recommendation includes $125,000,000 to carry out the Community College/Community Based Job Training Grant initiative, compared to the $250,000,000 request. The House recommendation includes a rescission of $125,000,000 in funds provided in fiscal year 2005 for this program, as well as a total of $125,000,000 for 2006. The Committee recommendation allocates $125,000,000 from National Emergency Grant funds available under section 132(a)(2)(A) of the Workforce Investment Act, and does not rescind funds provided in the fiscal year 2005 bill for this initiative. The Secretary is directed to initially use resources from the National Emergency Grants account for these awards that are designated for non-emergencies under sections 171(d) and 170(b) of the Workforce Investment Act. Community Based Job Training Grant awards will also be subject to the limitations of sections 171(c)(4)(A) through 171(c)(4)(C) of the Workforce Investment Act to ensure that these grants are awarded competitively. Funds used for this initiative should strengthen partnerships between workforce investment boards, community colleges, and employers, to train workers for high growth, high demand industries in the new economy.