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CCWPN The League's CCWPN Network Partner: Workforce³One.com

CCWPN has taken the opportunity to partner with a parallel workforce development website. This partnership will help us maximize exposure for the CCWPN Network and for the Network’s actions, activities and information. This new partnership is with the team that has created USDOL ETA’s new web site: Workforce3One.com. Workforce3One.com will complement the CCWPN web presence – a presence targeted at community college workforce development professionals. Workforce3One.com is a site designed to support the larger world of workforce development that includes not only education but the public workforce system, economic developers, and all other workforce stakeholders. We believe that the partnership with Workforce3One.com will double our CCWPN’s web presence. Early planning suggests that users will move easily between the sites to search and use data. Further, using links data and information will be stored in a single place, thus eliminating duplication. The following is a description of our partner site:

Workforce3One.com is a unique, collaborative, web-based knowledge portal and training delivery system.  It offers performance support tools, products, and resources that help to transition workforce programs to become demand-driven and to promote partnerships with key stakeholders in education, economic development, and targeted industries nationwide. This website is unique because it relies largely on an “investing” community of workforce development system stakeholders who share their innovative practices, tools, and ideas with peers through this web space. The web space features a fully-searchable resource database that includes:

  • documents,
  • templates,
  • presentations,
  • sample strategic
  • plans,
  • performance support tools,
  • measurement and evaluation instruments,
  • white papers,
  • recorded training sessions,
  • links to relevant websites,
  • and more. 

It was obvious to us that this partnership would benefit all. Workforce3One also includes a platform for FREE online training (webinars), allowing stakeholders to access live and recorded training from the convenience of their desktop, no travel required. We recommend that you visit this great site.