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CCWPN The Workforce Network

The League of Innovation’s
Community College Workforce Partnership Network (CCWPN)


In the fall of 2004, ETA awarded The League of Innovation a “capacity building” grant to fund a partnership between the Employment and Training Administration and the League to support the “demand driven” initiatives of ETA. Specifically ETA sought to obtain assistance for the distribution of program curricula, skills training competencies, career ladder projects and schemes, and any other workforce and economic development resources developed through the President’s High Growth Job Training Initiative, the H 1-b Grants, and other ETA projects. The partnership project is to gather and leverage knowledge and the resources being developed both by community colleges and for use by other community colleges via distribution strategies such as the many employed by the League, by ETA’s Workforce 3 One Website, and via other web sites, presentations, and print documents.

The Network

As a vehicle to accomplish the purposes of the grant project and further, as a process to support community college workforce and economic development nationally, the League has developed and launched the Community College Workforce Partnership Network (CCWPN), which facilitates the collection and dissemination, sharing, and exchange of ideas, information, models, curricula and other vital information among community colleges. The initial members of the network were the USDOL community college grantees (and the grantee's partners). They have been joined by additional community colleges who are engaged in demand-driven workforce development. The network's activities and broad agenda is driven by the community colleges that participate. Below is further information on the proposed network. Currently, there are more than 100 colleges in the network.

Specifically, what is the Network?

It is a set of community colleges who have voluntarily applied to become a member of a special group recognized as having achieved a level of demand-driven workforce development competence and accomplishments. The purpose of the network is to offer methods that facilitate strategies to support local economic and workforce development relative to the community college role. Underpinning this network is the need for community colleges to provide local and national leadership as strategic partners in a demand-driven workforce system. A specific focus of the network is the fostering of, and support to the building of regional/local coalitions of workforce stakeholders who are collaborating with the public workforce system.

How will it work?

The Network has establish communication links with each Network college via each designated "Network contact." The network is gathering information regarding each college's workforce and economic development activities/actions and catalog that information. As determined by each college, its documents, planning strategies, partnering strategies and any/all other information will be made available, via web-based technology, to all members of the Network. This will be accomplished using a searchable database and linking technologies through which any college can search and locate the data.

Further, the Network will employ a variety of strategies to highlight, market, promote, and provide visibility to this collection. Additionally, the Network has a working agreement with USDOL Employment and Training Administration's Workforce 3 One.org website where the collected data will receive additional and high-priority visibility. Finally, a series of events, such as the upcoming full day of workforce development presentation as the League's Innovations Conference will provide opportunities for community college leaders to gather and share experiences.

Learn how to join the network.