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In the News/Important Info




Career Pathway Plans of Study

Following you will find 81 Career Pathway Plans of Study. All of the careers in each of the 16 Career Clusters are sub-grouped into Pathways. The number of Pathways per Cluster varies from two to seven.

These Plans of Study are samples and are based on the Knowledge and Skills identified for each Cluster and Pathway. Each Plan of Study is available as a downloadable PDF file. To open and print the PDF files you will need Adobe Reader, available from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.


Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Food Products and Processing Systems

Plant Systems

Animal Systems

Power, Structural and Technical Systems

Natural Resources Systems

Environmental Service Systems

Agribusiness Systems


Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications

Audio and Video Technology and Film

Printing Technology

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Journalism and Broadcasting



Business, Management and Administration


Business Financial Management and Accounting

Human Resources

Business Analysis


Administrative and Information Support


Architecture and Construction





Education and Training

Administration and Administrative Support

Professional Support Services



Government and Public Administration


National Security

Foreign Service


Revenue and Taxation


Public Management and Administration



Financial and Investment Planning

Business Financial Management

Banking and Related Services

Insurance Services


Hospitality and Tourism

Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services


Travel and Tourism

Recreation, Amusements and Attractions


Health Science

Therapeutic Services

Diagnostic Services

Health Informatics

Support Services

Biotechnology Research and Development


Human Services

Early Childhood Development and Services

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Family and Community Services

Personal Care Services

Consumer Services


Information Technology

Network Systems

Information Support and Services

Interactive Media

Programming and Software Development


Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

Correction Services

Emergency and Fire Management Services

Security and Protective Services

Law Enforcement Services

Legal Services




Manufacturing Production Process Development

Maintenance, Installation and Repair

Quality Assurance

Logistics and Inventory Control

Health, Safety and Environmental Assurance


Marketing, Sales and Service

Management and Entrepreneurship

Professional Sales and Marketing

Buying and Merchandising

Marketing Communications and Promotion

Marketing Information Management and Research

Distribution and Logistics



Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Engineering and Technology

Science and Mathematics


Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Transportation Operations

Logistics Planning and Management Services

Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations

Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance

Transportation Systems/Infrastructure Planning, Management and Regulation

Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Sales and Service


For additional information please visit http://www.careerclusters.org.