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Community Colleges and Public Health Project
Phase 2: Developing Prototype Curricula

The Community Colleges and Public Health (CC&PH) Project, Phase 2, was recommended by a consensus of the Expert Panel which examined the potential roles that community colleges could play in the continuum of education in public health. Phase 2 will examine the roles that community colleges should play by developing prototype curricula for community college programs that can fulfill workforce needs and provide career ladders for graduates. These prototypes will be widely vetted by the community college and public health communities.

The project is being led by the League for Innovation in the Community College (the League) in collaboration with Framing the Future Task Force convened by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH).

These programs prototypes will utilize the ASPPH Critical component elements of an Undergraduate Major in Public Health. They will be designed to build on a common core curricula. The potential role of a concentration or minor in public health will also be examined.

Prototype curriculum will be developed in consultation with national public health education associations as well as community college and four-year college leaders. The prototypes will be presented in a standard format designed to facilitate vetting of the prototypes by a broad range of public health practitioners as well as undergraduate and public health educators.

Public health and related curricula will be built on a core curriculum consistent with the ASPPH Undergraduate Public Health Learning Outcomes which are built on the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes. The viability of developing minors or concentrations available to a wide range of community college students will also be examined.

The prototype curricula will be ready for review by June 2014. Recommendations for the roles of community colleges in public health education will be prepared by September 2014. These recommendations will be presented to the ASPPH Framing the Future Task Force. The final recommendations of the project will be widely disseminated and will serve as the basis for the League's efforts to encourage demonstration projects and provide recognition awards for excellence.