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Each of the eight colleges/districts participating in the Walmart Brighter Futures project is providing detailed information about their project so others may benefit from their experiences.  Note that each college district designed their project activities based on the needs of people in their local/regional area.  Each college toolkit includes detailed information in the following areas:

  • Section One: Project Goals and Purpose
  • Section Two: Work Plan
  • Section Three: Success Stories
  • Section Four: Lessons Learned
  • Section Five: Local Press Releases and Publicity
  • Section Six: Forms, Documents, and Project Materials
  • Section Seven: Project Partnerships
  • Section Eight: Contact Information
  Central Piedmont Community College (Adobe Acrobat icon 4MB)
  Cuyahoga Community College (Adobe Acrobat icon 1MB)
  Lane Community College (Adobe Acrobat icon 600KB)
  Miami Dade College (Adobe Acrobat icon 5MB)
  Moraine Valley Community College (Adobe Acrobat icon 700KB)
  Seattle Community Colleges (Adobe Acrobat icon 2MB)
  Sinclair Community College (Adobe Acrobat icon 150KB)
  St. Louis Community College (Adobe Acrobat icon 2MB)

Community Colleges Creating Brighter Futures for Dislocated Workers:
A Report of the Walmart Brighter Futures Project
(PDF - 7.3 MB)

Print-friendly version (PDF - 729 KB)


For more information on how this project can help your community college,

contact Larry Warford, project director and League senior workforce consultant,

at 541-913-6006 or Warford@league.org.