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Central Piedmont Community College Map of Participating Colleges


Dr. Dana McDonald
Executive Director

Career Professionals Center



Central Campus
1201 Elizabeth Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28235

Cato Campus
8120 Grier Road
Charlotte, NC 28215

Harper Campus
315 W. Hebron Street
Charlotte, NC 28273

Harris Campus
3210 CPCC Harris Campus Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Levine Campus
2800 Campus Ridge Road
Matthews, NC 28105

North Campus
11930 Verhoeff Drive
Huntersville, NC 28078



Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) is using the Walmart Bright Futures Grant to establish a Career Professionals Center, providing career and job search services to professional and paraprofessional dislocated workers in the Charlotte, NC, region. These services include career assessments and workshops to help individuals identify their transferable skills and reposition themselves for 21st century jobs. CPCC is also using grant funds to provide training and education stipends to help dislocated workers retrain and retool for these jobs.

Project goals

  1. Establish a career services center (Career Professionals Center).
  2. Help dislocated workers acquire 21st century job skills and obtain jobs.
  3. Increase academic retention and completion rates for dislocated workers.

Key strategies

  1. Create a user-friendly intake process to assess needs and maximize dislocated workers’ access to the Career Professionals Center and other available resources.
  2. Establish a competency-based assessment process to provide dislocated workers with information to help direct their job search.
  3. Create protocols to track student and client participation and progress in multiple training, education, and certification programs for dislocated workers.


  • Help dislocated workers reposition themselvesfor 21st century jobs (jobs in growth industries) through job search services, training, and education.
  • Track dislocated worker outcomes by establishing data protocols that become the benchmark and process across the CPCC system.
  • Assist in providing some financial support for dislocated workers to pay tuition costs for training, education, or certification programs.
  • Establish best practices for student intake that is transferable across the CPCC system.
  • Provide a competency assessment process to help dislocated workers reposition their resumes and job search strategies to target 21st century jobs.


  • Provide services for at least 160 dislocated workers over the two year period.
  • Establish a career center, processes, and protocols that are sustainable beyond the twp year grant period and expanded throughout the CPCC system.


For more information on how this project can help your community college,

contact Larry Warford, project director and League senior workforce consultant,

at 541-913-6006 or Warford@league.org.