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Miami Dade College Map of Participating Colleges



MDC Wolfson Campus
300 NE 2nd Avenue
Bldg. 1, Miami FL 33132



Campuses and Centers:

Hialeah Campus

Homestead Campus

American Campus



Kendall Campus


West Center

Wolfson Campus



Miami Dade College (MDC) is the only community college serving the 2.4 million residents of Miami-Dade County, Florida.  As a regional leader in workforce education and training, MDC is committed to providing accessible, affordable, high-quality education to its vibrant multicultural community.  Unfortunately, the MDC service area has been hit hard by the current economic recession.  To help speed the economic recovery of the community it serves, MDC stands ready to increase academic success for dislocated workers, equip them with 21st century job skills in fast-track programs, and help put them back to work.

To achieve these goals, MDC is creating the Back-to-Work Center, building on best practices in workforce education and training developed over its 50-year history, practices that have yielded an average 83 percent job placement rate for MDC program completers.  Miami Dade College will leverage the substantial support of its many established partnerships in business, industry, government, and the community—as well as the expertise of its student support services, academic departments, and School of Community Education—to ensure the efficacy and maximize the impact of the Back-to-Work Center’s activities.


  • Serve as Miami Dade College’s single access point for those unemployed workers in Miami-Dade County needing training or guidance re-entering the workforce.


  • Create and sustain the Walmart Brighter Futures Project Back-to-Work Center at Miami Dade College and ensure its long-term viability and sustainability.


  • Create the Back-to-Work Center.
  • Ensure the success (academic and otherwise) of Back-to-Work Center clients.
  • Equip Back-to-Work Center clients with 21st century job skills in fast-track training programs.
  • Help Back-to-Work Center clients find employment.


  • Recruit Back-to-Work Center clients.
  • Connect clients to needed programs and services.
  • Integrate employer involvement.
  • Ensure client follow-up after program completion and job placement.


  • Approximately 200 – 300 clients will be served at the Back-to-Work Center over the two year project period.

The Back-to-Work Center is located at the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College.  Classes may be available at other campuses.


For more information on how this project can help your community college,

contact Larry Warford, project director and League senior workforce consultant,

at 541-913-6006 or Warford@league.org.