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Community Colleges Creating Brighter Futures for Dislocated Workers:
A Report of the Walmart Brighter Futures Project
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The Walmart Brighter Futures Project is a cooperative effort between the Walmart Foundation and a select group of the nation’s community colleges led by the League for Innovation in the Community College. The project is a timely effort to help put thousands of dislocated workers back to work. Armed with 21st century skills and additional education and training, these individuals will be more attractive to employers who are increasingly concerned about their ability to remain competitive and profitable. Community colleges have a long and successful record of being responsive to the workforce needs of American workers and employers, and are prepared to step up in this time of need.

The purposes of the project are to help dislocated workers acquire 21st century job skills and obtain jobs requiring these skills, and to increase academic progression, retention, and completion rates for dislocated workers. Eight community colleges located in areas experiencing a high rate of job loss and unemployment across the U.S. were selected to work with their local and regional workforce development community to offer a variety of services and training to people seeking employment. These colleges will serve as models for other institutions seeking to build, expand, or enhance programs to retrain dislocated workers and assist them with career services. To learn more about the Walmart Brighter Futures participating colleges and for contact information, please select from the list below:

Central Piedmont Community College, NC

Cuyahoga Community College, OH

Lane Community College, OR

Miami Dade College, FL

Moraine Valley Community College, IL

Seattle Community Colleges, WA

Sinclair Community College, OH

St. Louis Community College, MO


For more information on how this project can help your community college,

contact Larry Warford, project director and League senior workforce consultant,

at 541-913-6006 or Warford@league.org.