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Alliance+ Internet in Education Project

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A Model Internet-in-Education Teacher Training Program

NEW: Alliance+ Final Report (Acrobat Icon Adobe PDF, 42 kb)

NEW: The Student Impact Study of the Alliance+ Project: Three Case Studies in K-12 Technology Integration, Mario Yepes-Baraya (Acrobat Icon Adobe PDF, 588 kb)

(A PDF version of the Alliance+ flyer is available below)

Alliance+ is a Department of Education funded project that prepares teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum in innovative ways that enhance student learning and support higher levels of achievement.

Alliance+ unites the expertise of 35 state, local, and higher education partners and builds on a training model that has been proven through extensive experience in the state of New Jersey. Alliance+ has been successfully implemented in Cleveland (OH), Phoenix (AZ), and Miami (FL). The project addresses three key needs shared by the participating states of Arizona, Florida, and Ohio. These include the need to:

  1. Enhance and support student learning in core content areas,

  2. Improve teacher content knowledge across the curriculum, and

  3. Provide leadership through a network of locally distributed peer experts.

Alliance+ focuses on developing the abilities of classroom teachers while creating a training and support infrastructure designed to have a lasting, systemic impact beyond the life of the grant. Drawing on successful experience gained from over ten years of helping teachers use technology in the classroom, Alliance+ employs four discrete approaches in providing teachers with professional development. These approaches include the use of:

  1. Supporting materials in a variety of formats,

  2. The train-the-trainer outreach model,

  3. Continuous follow-up and support, and

  4. Community-college/K-12 school district partnerships.

Central to Alliance+ is the Savvy Cyber Teacher workshop series--three 30-hour in-service courses that address progressive applications of the Internet in K-12 education. Faculty from Maricopa Community Colleges, Cuyahoga Community College, and Miami-Dade Community College participate in special workshops that prepare them to train mentor teachers from their corresponding local school districts (Phoenix, Cleveland, and Miami, respectively). These mentor teachers, in turn, use Alliance+ resources to provide training for colleagues in their home schools.

Through both on-site and online training activities, Alliance+ will reach approximately 9,000 K-12 classroom teachers from 19 school districts, having a direct impact on over a quarter million children. Support for this ambitious initiative includes an estimated $12 million in matching funds and in-kind services.

Exponential Results

The Alliance+ Class was the most practical and helpful of any Internet integration classes I've taken. It helped me launch several projects in the classroom last year. We did a collaborative project with the San Diego Zoo, and we learned the latest treatments for 20 different diseases by contacting experts at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta. This year we plan to do more math and economics with our Ontario Friends.
Regina Bender, Mentee Teacher, St. Vincent De Paul High School, Cuyahoga County, OH

The collaborative options, once projected, are now recognized as endless teaching and learning opportunities through Alliance+ project efforts.  In the case of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) and Miami-Dade Community College
(M-DCC), 48 Miami-DCPS middle school teachers have been trained as mentor teachers by M-DCC professors, and, in turn, they have trained 736 of their colleagues.

In Arizona, Maricopa Community College District (MCCCD) started delivery of Alliance+ training and services to 12 elementary school districts, one high school district, all 10 Maricopa County Community Colleges, and Arizona State University. In this 3rd year of project funding, MCCCD has developed collaborative relationships with 10 additional public school districts, three parochial schools, one charter school, and a private university. To date, MCCCD has trained 134 elementary and high school staff as mentor trainers. These mentors have trained more than 650 K-12 classroom teachers.

New Prospects

Reaching towards new horizons, Miami-Dade Community College Alliance+ Project partners are introducing the Savvy Cyber Teacher curriculum materials as a faculty training class to train professors in the Schools of Education at Florida International University and Barry University. These professors are responsible for pre-service teacher training to over 5000 student education majors.

In response to local school needs, the Implementation Specialist at Maricopa Community College District has been working with Arizona State University's College of Education and Stevens Institute of Technology toward the development of an English as a Second Language (ESL) version of the Savvy curriculum. The new version consists of five additional modules and will add 15 hours of instruction. The ESL version is being approved for three hours of ASU credit and will count for state endorsement and certification. 

For additional information visit http://k12science.ati.stevens-tech.edu/alliance/ or contact:

Stella Perez
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
League for Innovation in the Community College
1333 South Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 210
Chandler, Arizona 85286
(480) 705-8200 x243


Edward A. Friedman
Director, CIESE
Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle on the Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 216-5188

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