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Community College Pathways to Improved Teacher
Preparation Through Technology (Pathways)


The Community College Pathways to Improved Teacher Preparation Through Technology (Pathways) project adapts a proven set of P-12 training materials and internet-based curricula for use in math, science, language arts, and educational technology in community college courses taken by pre-service teachers. Pathways will create an online library of technology-based learning objects to promote constructivist learning in the community colleges. Faculty from thirty community colleges will participate in a face-to-face/online training and development program and will be supported by mentors in an online learning community to promote institutionalization.

The first phase of Pathways resulted in the development of a 26-hour blended professional development program, Savvy Cyber Professor, for community college faculty who teach math, science, language arts, or educational technology to students planning to go into teaching. Through online and face-to-face instruction, faculty participating in the Savvy Cyber Professor program learn to use unique and compelling internet-based applications that promote effective teaching and improved learning. Another product of the first phase was the development of an internet-based library of Real World Learning Objects (RWLOs) for use in the four mentioned disciplines.

The second phase of the Pathways Project focuses on training teams of four faculty from 12 additional community colleges in Savvy Cyber Professor who will, as part of the process, develop additional RWLOs in their discipline areas. The third phase will expand Savvy Cyber Professor training and RWLO development to faculty teams from 18 additional community colleges. It is for the second and third phases that we are inviting League Member Colleges to join the Pathways Project.

Join the Pathways Project!

The League for Innovation in the Community College and Stevens Institute of Technology invite your college to join this dynamic collaboration involving community colleges across the country in what promises to be a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor. Pathways will provide your faculty with online and face-to-face instruction for using internet-based resources designed to improve student engagement, while also modeling best practices. We encourage your college to take advantage of this unique opportunity by filling out and returning the application by June 15, 2005.

What are the benefits to institutions that join the Pathways Project?

Faculty teams participating in the training will learn to develop and use unique and compelling internet-based tools that promote critical thinking and effective learning for students. These teams will be well prepared to share content and strategies from the Savvy Cyber Professor course with additional faculty at each participating college. 

Faculty at participating colleges will have membership in an online community of community college faculty that supports the development, integration, and implementation of RWLOs.

Students at participating colleges will learn in the same ways they will be expected to teach, using the full power of internet technology to bring relevant, pertinent, dynamic, and real-world data into the learning environment.

What commitments must institutions make to join the Pathways Project?

The first seven hours of training will occur at the League's Conference on Information Technology in Dallas, Texas on October 22, 2005. Partner Institutions will be expected to send a team of four faculty for this training and to support their completion of the remaining 19 hours, which include

  • 15 hours of online, asynchronous training;
  • 3-hour hands-on working session in a computer lab at each institution; and
  • 1-hour final showcase event to share RWLOs with 30 faculty and leadership at each institution.

Participating colleges will be expected to provide opportunities for their faculty team to share unique and compelling uses of internet technology in teaching and to demonstrate the use of the online RWLO Library to other faculty at their institution who teach classes required for education majors.

The cost of each institution's participation in the Savvy Cyber Professor professional development program is being largely subsidized by the U.S. Department of Education through this PT3 grant. The only cost to participating institutions is the cost for the faculty team to travel to the League's conference to attend the first face-to-face session.

How can institutions apply to join the Pathways Project?

Complete and mail the application by June 15, 2005 to

Pathways Project
League for Innovation in the Community College
1333 S. Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 210
Chandler, AZ 85286

What is the time frame for this phase of the Pathways Project commitment?

  • 6/15/05 Applications submitted

  • 7/15/05 Applications reviewed and 12 Phase 2 institutions notified

  • 10/22/05 Faculty teams participate in first seven hours of Savvy Cyber Professor at League's CIT (October 22, 2005, Dallas, Texas)

  • 1/31/06 Faculty teams complete Savvy Cyber Professor and submit RWLOs for review

  • 3/31/06 RWLO review complete and RWLOs added to internet-based library

If the time frame for this round of training is not convenient and you would like faculty from your institution to participate in a future training event, please complete Parts I and II of the application. You will be contacted at a later date to complete a full application.

For additional information contact:

Stella Perez
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
League for Innovation in the Community College
1333 South Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 210
Chandler, Arizona 85286
(480) 705-8200 x243


Beth McGrath, Director
Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE)
Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle on the Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 216-5037

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