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Executive Leadership Institute
Expanding Leadership Diversity

Leadership Training Opportunities

  • Academy for Leadership and Development
    Target Audience:
    Community college mid-level organizational leaders, including but not limited to, deans, chairs, coordinators, directors, faculty, and staff who desire to learn necessary leadership concepts and skills to become a transformational leader.
  • Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)
    Target Audience: Potential community college presidents who have served in senior positions of leadership in community colleges and are qualified for the presidency by their educational and experiential backgrounds.
  • Future Leaders Institute
    Target Audience:
    Designed for senior level community college administrators who are actively considering or moving toward becoming a president. These individuals are currently in a position that is responsible for multiple employees, such as faculty, administrators, and staff and have titles such as vice president, dean, associate dean, or director.
  • Hispanic Leadership Fellows Program
    Target Audience:
    Hispanic Vice Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Provosts,  Deans, and administrators in similar positions who aspire to a community college presidency.
  • Leadership Development Institute for African American Mid-Level Administrators
    Target Audience:
    Community college professionals, including deans, faculty, program managers, coordinators, directors, and others already in mid-level positions or those making transitions into management/leadership positions. Trustees and individuals from the private sector and four-year institutions are also welcome.
  • National Executive Leadership Institute (NELI)
    Target Audience:
    Specifically tailored for colleges and institutes looking for senior leadership change or challenge. Designed to enable participants to explore the position of Chief Executive Officer.
  • National Institute for Leadership Development
    Target Audience: Women and men emerging leaders, including CEOs, administrators at all levels, and faculty interested in enhancing their opportunities for advancement and growth. The National Institute for Leadership Development also provides leadership development opportunities for women and men working for non-profit, public service agencies, corporations, and private enterprise.