National Institute for Leadership Development


Target Audience
Primary: Women in higher education.

Secondary: Women and men emerging leaders, including CEOs, administrators at all levels, and faculty interested in enhancing their opportunities for advancement and growth. The National Institute for Leadership Development also provides leadership development opportunities for women and men working for non-profit, public service agencies, corporations, and private enterprise.

Competencies/Learning Outcomes
  • Activities, behaviors, and competencies associated with effective leadership
  • Personal, professional, and ethical attributes critical to successful leadership
  • Increase innovative and advocacy ability through skill-based training designed to improve collaborative leadership, facilitation, communication, governance, and decision-making strategies
  • Refine individual goals to promote leadership of a shared vision
  • Improve ability to motivate others through field-based learning
  • Increase interpersonal skills necessary to set clear direction for collaborative implementation and sustained change
  • Enhance critical-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to demonstrate an understating of job survival and promotional competencies
  • Explore the effective use of power to provide a clearer understanding of key sources of influence and appropriate use of power
  • Assessment and identification of current trends and challenges
  • Identify personal leadership qualities including the ability to suspend judgment; problem solve before acting; and pursue goals with passion, energy, and persistence
  • Effective communication with people from different cultural, social, professional, and organizational backgrounds
  • Increase the ability to reflect, learn from experiences, and apply new knowledge
  • Challenge participants to step outside their comfort zone
  • Explore local, regional, and national resource networks available through the Institute
Number of Participants
Leaders - 50
Next Step - 20
Leaders Symposium - 25
Succession Strategies - 30
CEO Issues Forum - 25
Program Frequency
Leaders is offered 3-5 times a year, all other programs are offered annually.
National Institute for Leadership Development