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The League for Innovation's annual Conference on Information Technology (CIT) offers a diverse program and cutting edge exposition exploring the intelligent application of information technology in community and technical colleges. The League for Innovation's annual CIT serves as:

A technology showcase for state-of-the-art information technology applications;

A place to foster globalization in national and international communications among community college educators;

An incubator and emporium of ideas for enhancing the teaching and learning process;

A path to support the human side of technology and help break down barriers and fears about technology;

A venue to create awareness of community college initiatives; and

An engaging, exciting, and fun time.

Conference Attendee Profile
This conference regularly attracts close to 2,500 community, technical, and four-year college/university senior- and mid-level administrators, faculty, and professional staff, in addition to a significant number of corporate and other educational leaders. An impressive number of attendees are international participants, including over 100 educators annually from the Netherlands.

Learning Options
The conference includes a million-dollar state-of-the-art technical infrastructure with close to 500 fully networked computers, high-speed Internet connections, and hands-on computer labs, including an Internet and e-mail lab that is open to participants 24 hours a day. This state-of-the-art event also provides a wide range of learning options:

Forum, Poster, and Roundtable presentations in a technologically sophisticated and topically diverse program that enables educators to explore and expand their use of technology for learning and teaching, student services, organizational management, and partnerships.

Hands-On Alley, where companies such as Adobe, Apple, McGraw-Hill, Macromedia, Microsoft, Pearson NCS, PBS, PLATO Learning, and TestOut facilitate a state-of-the-art exploration of hardware, software, and training so participants can learn by doing with some of the best technology available.

Learning Center Courses with in-depth coverage of current topics in information technology facilitated by recognized leaders in focus areas. Learning Center Courses are offered in three-hour and full day formats, and link participants with a community of learners who share common interests. Participants receive continuing education units (CEUs) for completing each course and can expect to take home a body of practical knowledge and applications.

Corporate Partner and Friends of the League Exhibition, an engaging, extensive, and impressive display featuring a variety of resources, hardware, software, and services from League Corporate Partners and affiliated organizations.

Keynote Speakers have included Jeb Bush, Governor, State of Florida; Steven I. Cooper, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Bill Gates, Chairman/CEO, Microsoft Corporation; John Morgridge, Chairman, Cisco Systems, Inc.; Scott McNealy, Chairman/CEO, Sun Microsystems; Christine Hemrick, Vice President of Technology Communications, Cisco Systems; and Jorge Klor de Alva, President, University of Phoenix; Carlene Ellis, Vice President, Education, Intel; Carol Twigg, Executive Director, Center for Academic Transformation, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Judith Boettcher, Author, Faculty Guide for Moving Teaching and Learning to the Web, Veteran Executive Director, Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN); Adena Williams Loston, Director, Education, Wallops Flight Facility, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); Piedad F. Robertson, President, Education Commission of the States; Bob Davis, award-winning Wall Street Journal reporter; Brian L. Hawkins, President, EDUCAUSE; and Jennifer James, Urban Cultural Anthropologist.

Corporate Partners
The League is your conduit to close to 800 colleges and their decision-makers.
Corporate Partners receive a complimentary 10' x 20' booth (upgrades available upon request), are exclusive exhibitors, and are strongly encouraged to submit proposals. More than 120 corporations have discovered the benefits associated with a League Corporate Partnership. Visit our Corporate Partner section or contact Chris Hennessey for additional information about becoming a League Corporate Partner. Please note: The only for-profit organizations allowed to participate in presentations and exhibitions or in other ways be involved in the Conference on Information Technology are League Corporate Partners.

For more information about CIT, contact Ed Leach at leach@league.org or (480) 705-8200 x233.

2006 Conference on Information Technology

October 22-25, 2006
Charlotte Convention Center

Charlotte, NC

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